Melting gel cleanser will save your face

I had a slight skin crisis two weeks ago when I woke up and half my face was peeling off. It’s probably just the time of year and all the cold and dry air but I’ve never had skin that dry. And I’ve never had so much skin trying to escape my body at once. 

Anyway it was gross and sore and I went into Boots and spent half hour staring at the skin section debating if I should just drop £40 on some Elemis products online when I spotted a little tube from No 7 called Melting Gel Cleanser. 

It’s miraculous. 

It comes out almost rubbery, turns into a soft cleanser when wet and then forms a milky texture as you clean it off. After four days I had pretty much serene, smooth skin with no gross patches and no dead skin parties happening in my T-zone. Joy. So much joy. 

I’ve never used a gel cleanser and I’ve never fought off immense dry skin so I have nothing to compare to but this stuff is crazy good. It’s so gentle. 

Big fat 10/10. If you have sensitive skin that’s packing it’s bags and sky diving off of your face get yourself to Boots. 

5 thoughts on “Melting gel cleanser will save your face

  1. I bought one of these using one of those standard £5 vouchers they offer out now and again for no 7 stuff. I’m enjoying using it, but find it’s a little stingy on my eyes after using compared to some others.
    If you have enjoyed this kind of cleanser I’d highly recommend for ultimate nourishment (for me if feels like that anyway) the Lush ULTRABLAND, and the new Botanics Hot Cloth Balm cleanser!


  2. I bought this on a whim when I had run out of my usual cleanser and had one of those No 7 vouchers, and I agree that it was pretty darn good! Not as good as the Emma Hardie balm but that is much more painful on the bank balance. Boots Botanics balm cleanser is also really good.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink


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