It’s about bloody time spring


I really like weekends where you do a lot of one thing like sleeping for 25 hours or the polar opposite- being outdoors and full of beans for 2 days  But there’s nothing in life like hitting the nail directly on the weekend head and having the perfect amount of everything to lift you out of a massive rut and make you feel like a better, healthier, happier little human. AND FINALLY ITS NOT  DEEPEST WINTER.

We’re coming out of quite a shit time of year. It’s cold out, you probably don’t have masses of fun planned, you have to go away if you want warm weather, everyone’s got a cold and it’s just a bit Blergh. Although leaving work at the end of last week in the light made me feel much better about life. I’m so over the dark and the cold and feeling like I’m blindly trying to climb out of some wintery, lazy hole I’ve fallen in. I want to feel like one of those super cheery people you see on Facebook checking in at parks and picking daffodils and going on runs through fields (who are they though) because SPRING.
Tbh Spring, you could have come sooner. It’s been a long old winter and I’ve never felt so lethargic and lazy as I have done since January landed. Hibernation has been high. Procrastination has been strong. It’s time for longer days and sunnier weather and more time outside. I need vitamin D and I don’t know about you, my skin is about ready to just fall off and start a new life abroad without me. Dry, flaky and so dull and grim.
Thanks to two days of sunshine and despite a deathly sore throat I did the perfect amount of everything this weekend and finally feel like I’ve stepped out from under my grumpy, miserable rock.
I spent a couple of hours strolling around shops and a long old time in Boots finding something to undo the damage winter has inflicted on my face. We also walked the two miles home because the sun was out and it wasn’t freezing and it wasn’t raining and what a miracle. Then I saw loads of friends at the pub, talked about rubbish, watched rugby, got a bit drunk, went on an epic dog walk the next day, showed a friend my favourite park in the world, had a long bath, did loads of body admin and laid under a blanket reading. The park btw, in the photo at the top, is called Morden Hall and it’s buried in deepest South London and you’ve probably never ever heard of it but it’s worth seeking out on a nice day. Oh and a certain genius pal of mine made slutty brownies and brought them to the pub (they’re apparently called slutty because they’ve got everything in them, ahem) with cookie dough and Oreos and ALL the chocolate.
The nicest weekend I’ve had in a long time and I’d like to give a big shout out to the sun and Spring and seasons and weather and lighter mornings and longer evenings. If this were a tweet it’d be finished off with a load of the ‘hands in the air praise be’ emojis.



One thought on “It’s about bloody time spring

  1. Lauren I am with you on this weekend being like the weekend the winter blanket has lifted! It’s been gorgeous here (i’m off today as Sunday and Mondays are my days off!) I walked down my garden for the first time this year!
    Also – slutty brownies!!! We make them as a standard cake feature in our cafe! Not many people have heard of them!


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