Life edit: January, February & March


I’m writing this at 4am because I can’t sleep and it’s raining so hard outside it’s possible that the only way I’ll be getting to work tomorrow is by boat. Anyway, I haven’t had much time to turn my attention to this blog lately and I’ve also been low on ideas, which started making me wonder if it was all going to burn out. I checked my stats yesterday though, and apart from a few days, they’re still high. 2016 has been a year of high stats so far, and I can see from search engine info that people still search for this blog every day. People are also still coming to it by searching ‘in the shed’ which will confuse me forever and ever, but who am I to argue?

So since I don’t have a notebook full of ideas like I did back in January, I’m going to do some insomniac rabbling and see if anyone reads it.

Jan, Feb and what we’ve had of March so far have gone insanely fast. I thought the start of this year would go by really, painfully slowly as my only plans were to work and save like mad, but they’ve flown, and they’ve actually been pretty nice. I’ve discovered a few new favourite things:

Wild thing Paleo bars– I got sent these and when they came I didn’t eat them for ages because I was busy enjoying a diet of pasta and crumpets, but now I’m back on my usual, mostly healthy diet, these are big news. They’re flippin’ delicious. If you’ve tried a Naked bar (Cashew Cookie is to die for) you should try these. They’re tasty, natural, vegan and packed with nuts and seeds.

Ember Yard Tapas in London– easily the nicest tapas I’ve ever had in London and so reasonably priced. It’s near Oxford Circus and is one of Time Out’s top 50 places to eat in the city. I can also credit them for my first sushi eating experience which didn’t make me vomit. Win.

These Steve Madden heels ❤ ❤ ❤

Rotherhithe, which is currently my favourite little corner of London with the coolest views and most amazing looking flats and hidden pubs. If someone fancies dropping me a few mil, I’ll move in. It’s really good for photos round there too as it’s so quiet. Oh and speaking of photos lots of exciting things are happening around this website which have been keeping me and my boyfriend occupied during our spending hiatus.

Since January I’ve also posted a couple of my most-read blog posts to date including one on first world problems (brought about by a tantrum  I casually had in Waitrose) and one on things you probably didn’t factor in when you were about 16 and planning your adult life.

I also went to a wedding where I drank all of the gin in the land. Weddings cheer up winter.

Due to saving money like it’s going out fashion I’ve also taken to finding ways to spend time for free. I’ve done a lot of wondering the streets of London with friends, been to loads of places I hadn’t even heard of before and discovered ultimate love for Franco Manca pizza. So cheap. So delicious.

My health hasn’t been amazing so far in 2016. I’ve had flare ups of Ehlers Danlos and right now I’m brewing a sexy little eye infection, so I’ve tried really hard to massively up my healthy eating game. I make healthy choices 9 times out of 10. I’m one of those weird people who gets shunned for not liking bacon and I’ve never eaten a fry up (I know, shock horror), but I do binge on chocolate and sweets when I’m in the mood. Since a good diet is needed to keep me upright and feeling human, I’ve got into spiralizing. I mean, yeah, courgetti is not and will NEVER be spaghetti, but once you douse it in homemade pesto or a nice tomato sauce you can barely tell the difference. Also carrot noodles. Very orange. Very healthy. Very 5 a day.

Oh and my skin has not had a pleasant March so far. It’s been pretty good for ages now but I woke up last week with loads of spots and loads of dry skin, so I’ve been using this as a little boost and it’s all kinds of magic:


Right now I’m basically counting down the days until I can disappear to Wales and eat massive breakfasts, drink wine, go on walks and lounge around with my friends playing cards against humanity. Probs going to tinker off and eat something now so if you made it this far, BYE.



8 thoughts on “Life edit: January, February & March

  1. Where in Wales are you off to? I grew up in Llangollen, North Wales, and now live in Cheshire across the border.
    Enjoyed this post lauren- I love a good ramble! Xx


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