19 things that rescue a really bad day at work


1) Going for a lengthy walk where you talk to no one, smile at no one, don’t look at your phone, don’t engage in any human contact and just breathe deeply.

2) Carbs. In a big way.

3) That thing where you go to the toilet purely to sit in silence and gather your thoughts and maybe reply to some texts.

4) Scheduling in treats. At 2:30pm you WILL go and buy a very bad for you coffee with a ludicrous amount of syrup in.

5) Encouraging office chat about absolutely anything that’s not work. Babies. Trees. The weather. Gardening. Vodka.

6) Someone walking in and slapping down some biscuits or an M&S cake just when you thought the end was nearing.

7) Having an aggressive WhatsApp chat with a friend about how awful both your days are and how much everything is terrible and the world is bad place.

8) Deleting A LOT of emails. A clear inbox = a clear mind.

9) BuzzFeed.

10) Looking at your annual leave calendar just to remind yourself annual leave is a thing and it will come and you will lay in bed until lunchtime.

11) Googling ‘T-Rex making a bed’

12) Checking your 345 emails for the ones with discount codes in and embarking on a new wardrobe between tasks.

13) Planning an FSMWCC for lunch- family sized meal with chocolate chaser.

14) Texting everyone you know to see who wants to meet post-work to drink wine and whinge with you.

15) Abandoning everything and going out out for lunch. Byron. Nandos. Wagamama. Leon. GBK. Wahaca. Go big or go back to work still sulky.

16) Emergency desk snacks. Nothing says lifesaver like some m&ms hidden among notebooks you never use and pens that ran out months ago.

17) Establishing that you don’t want to speak to anyone and don’t care about what your colleague might do on Friday night so you can out your headphones in for the next 5 hours.

18) Getting in on a tea round at exactly the right moment.

19) Getting the hell out of the building at lunchtime and having five minutes that involve yourself, a hot drink and calm thoughts about Friday night wine, baths and pizza.


5 thoughts on “19 things that rescue a really bad day at work

  1. Depressingly, my desk snacks currently consist of Mugshots, and what me and my colleagues call “drawer granola” which is exactly what it sounds like. I really need to upgrade my treats big time!


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