Because girlfriends deserve a little thanks from time to time


As it’s International Women’s Day, and it’s a Tuesday, which is my least favourite day of the week, It’s time for something a bit uplifting. I don’t have the time or the brain power to sit and write a long post on how much I love being female and about feminism and girl power, but I can thank the women in my life.

Friends are people that you choose to spend your time with and having some decent girl friends in life has seen me through a few dodgy times, upsetting times, hungover times, unwell times, times when I just need someone to Whatsapp me a ridiculous meme or send me a YouTube link to some goats screaming to a Taylor Swift song. Thanks for letting me moan at you about my period pains, discuss which kinds of painkillers are the best, lay in bed eating my body weight in pick and mix and letting you tell me that ‘a few drinks will sort you out.’ Thanks for making me feel welcome at work. Oh and thanks for the many times I have borrowed all of your eyeliners, stolen tampons, borrowed a skirt, tried your expensive eye-shadows, eaten your food and raged at you over long and barely understandable Facebook messages.

Thanks for telling me when my make-up looks like a child has done it. Thanks for accepting me waking you up during hungover times to show you a photo of us laying on the floor or riding a mop like a broomstick. Thanks for listening when I tell you to stop and move on. Oh and thanks, so very much, for making an already great life as a female even better.

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