14 standard Friday behaviours


1) Buy a  really overpriced and fattening coffee on the way in to work because FRIDAY.

2) Treat yourself to something really overpriced and fattening for lunch because FRIDAY.

3) Wait patiently for someone to send round the ‘pub?’ email.

4) Think about exactly how late you will stay in bed tomorrow pretty much all day despite the fact you know you’ll wake up at 8 anyway.

5) Say ‘I’m so glad it’s Friday’ to colleagues at least 17 times throughout the day.

6) Spend more time than usual not working and scrolling through Buzzfeed or working out if you have the right clean underwear to go with your night out outfit.

7) Like about 234 ‘FRIYAY’ images on Instagram.

8) Buy a gin in a tin for the way home because it’s the weekend and it’s your time to shine.

9) Play the ‘do I check my bank balance before the weekend or pretend I am Bill Gates for the next two days’ game.

10) Find time to power walk to the nearest clothes shop at lunchtime to buy something because you’ve lived to see the end of another week.

11) Prosecco.

12) WhatsApp all friends to remind them it’s Friday.

13) Start winding down at lunchtime and getting genuinely shocked when someone sends you an actionable email.

14) Buying food to make something indulgent and really, really bad for you for breakfast on Saturday.


5 thoughts on “14 standard Friday behaviours

  1. I definitely just did #2 – avo and chicken panini, a diet coke and a Lion bar, because, well , it’s FRIDAY!!
    I’ve also been telling people it’s Friday, as if they didn’t already know! 😛 xx


  2. So much of this took me back to my office days! My Friday’s are a lot different now, partly due to work type, partly as I work Saturday’s, but still it’s all relevant to the weekend starting!


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