Keeping friends and staying happy


I know it’s said by so many people in their twenties every single day and might cause people to roll their eyes, but being an adult IS hard. I mean, there could definitely be less decisions, more freedom and longer annual leave allowances- I don’t think that’s too much to ask. It’s also hard to strike a good balance where you find time to do things that make you happy, if you can remember what those things are, of course.

I still think of really silly, small things as sources of happiness and a lot of them haven’t changed much from when I was younger. Stuff like pizza (you know it’s true), sleeping in, booking holidays, laying in really hot baths, swimming, cheese, melted cheese, baking- the list goes on in that fashion. Apart from it being fairly obvious that food with a high calorie content brings me joy, it also makes me realise how few ‘big’ things I can list.

I have my family, and I have travel which will always be givens and probably the same for loads of you, but the other thing is friends. I love my friends. I feel like  I’ve made good friend choices over the years but as you get older friendships really change. The dynamics of friendships and groups and how much time we have to dedicate to each other changes. Relationships start to play a part, work changes how we spend our time and then there’s the scary factor of people starting to move away. I’d happily round up my friends, go back to my uni town, put them all in a house and camp out there for a while, so I can see everyone and have the kind of buzzing social life I used to have. Maybe just minus the £4 corner shop wine.

I still make time to see my friends at weekends, and the ‘let’s get dinner’ thing has become a massive part of my working week. I would say I manage to get in a couple of after work social sessions a week and they definitely help to break the monotony- but I feel like when you spend a lot of time being ground down by life and feeling tired from work, you need your friends.

You need the boost of a stupid message with a link to something funny. You need the offer of a few drinks on a Friday or a few hours roaming around shops and talking about life. Also, I feel like friends are really important for later in life, so it’s important to put the time in now.

I’m going away with some of mine in a couple of weeks and now it’s looming nearer I literally can’t wait to go. I just want to be with my friends for more than a couple of hours. I want to lounge around with them and eat bad food and stay up late and relax and feel human again. I also want to feel the way I do when I spend a lot of time with people who I’ve chosen as life companions-  cheerful and refreshed.

3 thoughts on “Keeping friends and staying happy

  1. I honestly don’t know how I’d get through my workweek without my friends. Even on days when I’m tired and I think I just want to go home, seeing them brings me back to life.


  2. This was lovely to read, and also a bit hard as well, as I have a great small tight group of girl mates from uni, (I left nearly 7 years ago now! WTF I can’t believe how time flies) anyway, things have changed a little for me recently, some things have been said that can’t be unsaid, and it makes me a little sad to realise I’m jealous of this post as I don’t feel that way now if I’m totally honest, about all my friends.


    • I’m a strong believe in culling friends. I used to always hold my tongue with friends but I think as you get older you realise some people are better off not in your life! x


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