The face mask for people who want new skin

 Skin can be pretty grim, let’s be honest. Oily, spotty, dry, flaky, dirty, dull- all of the loveliest words that can be used to describe a really shit time for your face. I always thought I would leave my teenage years and immediately have amazing, blemish-free, glowing skin because adults don’t get spots. If only that were true.

I’ve spent a small fortune on all manner of products to tame my troublesome face, a lot of which I’ve documented on here, and only a few I would actually recommend. My favourite brand by far and the one I don’t mind splashing out on is Elemis. My beauty therapist friend first recommeneded it to me and it totally changed everything. In a couple of short months I had the best skin ever (after a small hiccup using it in Thailand when I most certainly shouldn’t) thanks to the resurfacing facial wash. My aforementioned friend who is an angel gave me a spare Elemis resurfacing face mask when I went to stay with her a couple of weeks ago, and me and my face are pretty happy about it.

The mask quite literally makes you feel like your skin has been replaced. A stark warning though, the tingling you get from this, as warned on the bottle, is INTENSE. Like someone is sort of poking hot sticks all over your face, which at first caused me to stand up and start examining my face in the mirror from the bath, expecting to see a full fire where my nose was, but all was fine.

After three uses I had less blackheads, reduced redness around my eyes and smoother skin on my usually lumpy forehead. If you get to the point with your skin where you feel like you want to just take it off and start again, give this a go. The facewash too. It’s a mid-range product but worth a little splurge and both will last you a fair while. The point of the ‘resurfacing’ action is to take off all the dead skin cells that are hanging out, blocking pores and making you look dull.

Go get it.

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