Little goals, little victories


Aims are easier to stick to in the short term. Resolutions for a whole year never work out (although my one to get more than one haircut in 2016 WILL stand, I am adamant of it) and I read an article recently in a weird magazine in a waiting room that said the best way to achieve things is to have small, short term goals. When I was 20 I sat down on January 1st and wrote this long list of outrageous goals that would ‘overhaul’ my life and make me what I thought would be a better person, but what ultimately would just make me thinner and more miserable. That was a terrible few months and I never want to look at cheese as an enemy again. But having something to aim for makes me feel less like I’m wasting my life watching Suits and whatsapping my friends about commute hatred.

So my little goals are starting now and going to April 1st. Life is better in list form, so here goes:

  • Buy only one coffee a week.
  • Bring my own lunch in at least 3 times a week.
  • Stop talking myself out of running while getting changed to go running.
  • List at least 2 items of my extremely excess clothing on eBay every Sunday.
  • Make at least three plans with my friends that don’t involve alcohol.
  • Do the physio exercises that will ultimately make my life better every other day.
  • Actually get around to researching cruelty-free make up and make a purchase.
  • Make a spreadsheet of my outgoings like a real adults.
  • Master the first week of headspace without falling asleep 2 minutes in every bloody time.

8 thoughts on “Little goals, little victories

  1. I find this works so much better for me – sometimes the enormity of a goal can make it really off-putting (what, I’m never going to get to have a takeaway again?!?!) so it’s better to start small. I really need to get into bringing my own lunches to work – it would save me so much money, and be so much better for me, but I find that not having time to prep at the weekends makes it feel impossible. I might have to join you on that one – three times a week isn’t so hard!


  2. I’m so bad at talking myself out of exercise. On Tuesday this week I skipped the gym because I had to pop to the supermarket and it would have made me late, even though I was only in the supermarket for about 10 minutes.

    Good luck with hitting your goals!


  3. I love lists too!! Great ones here!
    Your ebay point – have you tried the app ‘Vinted’? It’s SO easy, and yes you have to practically giveaway to sell sometimes, but you know what, it’s easy to list and more simplistic than ebay!


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