Eyebrow stencil and powder from K Co

Saving pretty much every penny recently has made me realise just how much I used to spend on myself. I’m trying to pretend I don’t miss flouncing into Boots after work and dropping £30 on make up and toiletries that I didn’t even really need, BUT I DO. I was speaking to a make up artist at The London Health show last month about the cost of make up and she gave me a list of things you should spend money on. Basically, Things that stand out: brows, blusher and lips. I asked if spots count as a joke because mine like to stand out A LOT, but she didn’t get it. So she moved on to eyebrows and to cut a long story short, I came away with a K Co brow powder and stencil kit.

It’s the best make up I’ve bought in a long time. I never would have gone out looking for an eyebrow stencil because I have neat eyebrows anyway and couldn’t imagine myself stencilling my face but actually, it’s really bloody good. And easy. And quick. Powder your brush up, line up the stencil, fill in the gap. Done. It takes literally about 40 seconds and you get two very even, very nicely shaped eyebrows.

This stuff is also VERY stubborn so you won’t rub it off or lose half an eyebrow in the rain, but you can get rid easily and quickly with some remover or a face wipe. The other good thing about this, is that the brush is such a good shape, you can use the black powder to do your eyeliner in one easy swoop.


seriously, if you do your brows everyday and want to try something new that’s easy and got staying power, I highly recommend this kit. It’s £24.99 and I imagine it’ll last a good 6 months at the very least. Plus you can also use it as eyeshadow and liner. You get two stencils with each kit, one ‘natural’ and one ‘thin’. It’s well worth a pay day purchase, and while I wouldn’t usually trust new products on my eyebrows because I found a Body Shop powder I like about 5 years ago and am boring, this kit is really quite brilliant.

You can only get K Co make up online FYI, so happy browsing. See what I did there. BROWsing.

Okay bye.

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