5 reasons investing in a DSLR camera will pay off


Disclaimer: The camera I use is my boyfriends, he invested the big bucks, but what’s his is mine…right?

He lets me use it anyway, and he’s taught me so much about photography that as soon as I can, I’m going to invest too. I never would have wanted to spend that amount on a camera before, because I had no idea how much I liked photography. It sounds kinda weird but having a DSLR camera has done so much more than just provide us with high quality holiday snaps, it’s become a strangely big part of our lives- it’s an investment that’s worth making for way more reasons that really good images of weddings and you loving life on a beach.

1) Photography is a really valid skill.

There are so many jobs in the creative industry now that value the skill of good photography- and only so much of that is framing a nice shot. When I was looking around for jobs a year ago (I worked in digital marketing/advertising and now in social media) so many descriptions stated photography and being able to use equipment. Knowing how to change the settings, sort out the light and take the right size photo makes you seem pretty sleek, especially now, where creative media types are expected to do it all. Even for a blog, photos say as much as the words.

2) You learn additional skills

I never imaged I’d get much into editing photos outside of chucking an Instagram filter on something or brightening it up in VSCO cam (an app well worth downloading FYI). But once you’ve invested time to learn how to take good photos on what can be a complicated camera, you may as well finish the job. There’s so much you can add in the editing phase and again, learning to use programmes like LightRoom and PhotoShop, even it’s just a basic understanding, gives your CV a whole new layer. It’s also quite nice to have an end product that’s basically a little work of art.

3) You’ll want to take more photos

I’ve gone from liking taking photos of impressive looking breakfasts and the occasional night out picture of friends holding an array of cocktails, to wanting to take photos of everything. Suddenly, because you can take high quality photos, everything is an opportunity to take another picture. Seeing a man on Southbank making massive bubbles for some very excited kids last weekend basically turned into a photoshoot. Photography is a pretty nice hobby once you get into it.


4) Instagram is powerful

A lot of people who market themselves, a brand, a company or a website use imagery to do it, and right now PRs and such want Instagram followers. They want to work with people that have a bit of influence on Instagram, can take decent photos and can stand out. It’s the ‘in’ social platform right now. There are loads of incredible iphone photography accounts around, but DSLR pictures look pristine. Also, background blur ❤

5) You can do a lot with a picture

Once you’ve got a really good camera, have mastered using it and start getting the photography bug, you don’t need anyone else’s photos. I see stuff on Pinterest all the time such as prints and photos on homeware boards, and I know for a fact that I can create stuff for myself by taking my own high quality images. It’s a good skill for work, it’s a good skill for home, it’s a good hobby and nice photos will last you a life time. You can also make yourself stand out in a saturated market of content creators who can edit, do imagery, write, market themselves and so on. If you’re in the industry and want to get further, you can do a lot worse than taking your camera skills up a level.

For a few more examples of rather beautiful DSLR work visit dannyboyjnr.exposure.co


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