7 times the internet has been good recently


Because it’s Monday and you might fancy reading these little snippets of goodness instead of doing what you really need to.

1) The grass isn’t always greener– from one of my fave bloggers Sophie Cliff

2) Everyday life and racism– This is really interesting and focuses on Harry Potter actress Katie Leung.

3) 19 Treats You Wish You Could Eat With Lorelai Gilmore because Gilmore Girls <3<3<3<3

4) Instagram account switching– if you’re into blogging and social media management you should cast an eye over Social Media Examiner regularly. It’ll keep you well up to date in the world of social. FINALLY Instagram. Finally.

5) Everything you need to tackle a really bad day from my pal Hannah Gale. Basically, a link for any given emotion you might wake up with this week.

6) 6 pretty things you didn’t know are killing the planet– Cracked is one of my favourite ever websites. If you’re ever bored and want to to read some factual, crazy lists or interesting articles this is where you need to go.

7) 13 times Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch totally understood life. Never has a cat been better.


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