Cancer- you can’t sit with us 


IMG_6595-0It’s World Cancer Day today. In the last 14 months cancer has tried it’s very best to mess with two of the most important, long standing people in my life. It’s unforgiving and complicated and we all have or will have a loved one who has to sit across from a doctor and hear the words we all dread.

Cancer has no agenda, it just IS. It’s just there. There’s no way to predict who will or won’t get it- but there are things we can do to try and lower our risks. I’m not one for living by strict rules and doing life in half-measures but since my mum and oldest friend had to take on the fight in the same year, I’ve become more determined to care about my body. You learn lessons the hard way when cancer is involved.

A bit of self-care goes a long way, and while you can’t eat a diet or take an exercise class that’ll make you immune, you can check yourself. You can touch your boobs, remind your boyfriends and your dads to check their bodies, pay a little attention to moles and just be aware of how you function.

We can do a little more exercise, eat a little better and care about ourselves a little more.

This is short and I wouldn’t call it sweet, the last year hasn’t been sweet, but it’s a privilege to have watched two fighters come through the storm.

If you do one extra thing today, make it about taking care of number one. It’s a good first step.

Fuck you cancer. You can’t sit with us.

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