It’s completely fine to be a cliche and enjoy blogging- the negativity needs to stop


I was lying in bed the other night reading through the BBC News app and couldn’t concentrate on reading a full article, so I switched to Twitter. Less concentration required and more chance of dog videos and people falling over.

I started to scroll and saw, not for the first time, standard lifestyle tweets about food and coffee and Lush and make up and fashion, alongside some slagging off those exact things. ‘Ugh surprise surprise someone who writes a blog is having a caramel latte. How original’ Pretty tame, not overly offensive tweet, but there are plenty more cropping up all over the place.

It seems to be that while online communities are growing and becoming bigger and stronger, there are also even more people out there waiting to give someone a kick. If you don’t like lifestyle  posts, don’t follow lifestyle accounts. If you aren’t interested in reviews on new mascaras and face washes, clear your timeline of beauty bloggers. If female magazines make you angry, why do you follow their accounts?  I even saw a tweet last week along the lines of ‘sick of these blog RT accounts filling my timeline with blogs that are so shit.’ ERM..HELLO? UNFOLLOW IT THEN.

I mean, people can be stupid. And they are mean. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there is definitely a line that’s too often crossed. Twitter has and probably always will be a place for those who have nothing better to do than to take their issues out on the unsuspecting, innocent public. And right now that public is the the online content creating world. And not the big stars or super popular people with 50k+ Instagram followers. The little people who do it out of passion and enjoyment. It’s not big and I don’t find it funny.

It’s certainly no laughing matter how popular and influential online content creators are becoming. Be it blogging, vlogging, instagramming, photographers- whatever the medium, brands are interested. They want to work with those who do all of this off their own back, so who cares if someone enjoys being a ‘blogging cliché’? You don’t have to like it, but you also don’t have to take every opportunity to bash it.

So what if there are loads of people out there who like coffee drinking, cats, fashion writing, Lush bath bombs and nude lipstick- there’s a reason there’s so much of it around. It’s what people like right now. Yeah, not everyone, but I don’t read blogs who post content I don’t care about, and surely that’s how it should be done? Perhaps we need to concentrate on consuming more of what we enjoy.

If someone wants to Instagram their coffee, write about their favourite eye palette and document their shopping trips- that’s fine. Chances are, there is a big group of people scattered around who’ll read and like and comment on that kind of content. If it’s not for you- then pass it by.

I really don’t think there’s a need to make someone feel bad for doing the ‘in thing’ or living up to a cliché (whatever that is) , especially in the saturated blogging world, because with that many people in one community, it was always going to happen. It will continue to happen. The lifestyle/beauty/fashion craze is not going anywhere.


7 thoughts on “It’s completely fine to be a cliche and enjoy blogging- the negativity needs to stop

  1. Brilliant Post! I do sometimes find myself rolling my eyes – and that’s when you gotta hit the unfollow! However, most the time, I’m a cliche lover and I’m fine with that!
    Love your blog so far – 🙂


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