9 health trends set to be big in 2016

If you’re a sucker for a health trend (coconut oil anyone?) then 2016 is going to be an interesting year for you. Last year was all about oils and the mammoth rise and apparent fall of the avocado (because of it’s misunderstood fat content, not because it got drunk and disgraced itself or anything) with a bit of protein powder thrown in. Well this year is apparently going to throw some very interesting stuff at us, some I can’t quite see myself stomaching, but since I’ll basically try anything that’s trendy, who knows. And supplements are set to get even bigger. So there’s that to get excited over. 

I was at the London Health Show last week and listened to a talk about what’s going to be hot this year in the world of health and wellbeing from the people at NutriCentre (they know their stuff). This was immediately after I ate a leaf that tasted like Camembert. It was a weird morning.

So here are 9 trends they predict are going to take off and nourish us this year:


This comes hand in hand with the ever-popular blender and every other person you know owning a NutriBullet. We’re going to start chucking powder in everything-Powdered supplements to be precise. Instead of taking them in tablet form, we’ll be mixing them up in smoothies and drinks and shakes. Easier to digest, so I’m told.

Fermented foods and home fermenting

So the word fermented is not exactly sexy, and I had no idea until I heard this talk, but fermentation is basically when food ages and natural bacteria already in it feeds on starch and sugar. The process of fermentation creates enzymes, b-vitamins and various probiotics, which is why it’s good for us. I did a quick google of ‘fermented food’ and found loads of sites and blogs raving about the health benefits and also mentioning sauerkraut. Not a trend for attractive vocabulary, but apparently 2016 is going to be the year of fermenting. So yeah. Start ageing your food. (I’m hoping extra extra extra mature cheese counts)


Like juicing, but you make soup. I’m all for this. I’m about 80% soup at all times currently, and I have discovered hand blenders are amazing for knocking up vegetable broth. Homemade soup is the ultimate winter comfort food and if you’re looking for a good recipe, I recommend this from Jamie Oliver. Had it the other day. SO GOOD.


Eating it, not just fat in general. And good fat obviously. Low fat diets are dying out (thank God) and we’re all accepting that we need to eat good fats. You keep doing you, avocado.


So this is the one that I probably can’t (and don’t want to) stomach. The people at NutriCentre are aware we aren’t quite brave enough to just start eating crickets in their whole form (and after a drunken night in Bangkok I can confirm the sight of them on a stick is not pretty), but insects are VERY good for us. All the protein. There are now health bars out there that contain all your usual suspects- nuts, peanut butter, fruit, oats…and crickets, and apparently they’re going to take off. Make of that what you will.

Natural packaging 

Apparently becoming big in the US but not quite reached us. I would never ever think about the packaging of my food in terms of health detriments, but clearly people do- and they want natural packaging. No metal, or plastic, or glass (expensive), just natural, 100% recycled materials. I assume this is because it’s better for us and the environment (though I still don’t think it would make me think twice).


Set to replace kale as the healthy green staple.


You’ve probably heard of matcha tea? Well expect to see matcha muffins, matcha cakes, matcha bars and matcha ice cream.

Camel milk

I’ve tried this in tea before and it has quite a weird, sour taste, though it’s not undrinkable, it would take some getting used to. It contains insulin, not the usual suspect when you look up the health benefits of food or drink. It’s also an alternative to cows milk for people who are allergic as it lacks the allergen that causes people problems, and it’s allegedly massively on the rise.

I’m actually really interested to see if any of these take off. I’m more and more obsessed with health the older I get (still can’t eat a cricket though), and I keep telling myself this will be the year I get my diet in order once and for all. Seaweed, I’m coming for you.

One thought on “9 health trends set to be big in 2016

  1. I’m on board with about half of these – sauerkraut and kimchi? Bring it! So easy to make too. I wouldn’t say nori is a kale replacement, but it’s certainly delicious. And of course matcha, fat, etc. Not so much to insects and camel milk (I’ll stick to my almond milk!).


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