9 lovely little buys to get you through the rest of January

 It’s  reached the point of January where everyone’s so skint it’s sort of like being part of a massive club, which makes it fine. Also the end is in sight. It’s coming. It’s getting a tiny bit lighter everyday and it’s already light when you leave in the morning, as opposed to living like a mole in constant darkness for the last 2 months. Although it is GOD DAMN freezing and survival is still challenging. 

Anyway, probably gonna buy all these things with my non-money (nomey?) and you should do the same cos cute, cosy, candles and well deserved. 

Oh and there’s no link to the hot chocolate because it’s just in all supermarkets but know this- it’s like drinking a warm dream come true. Find it by the milk. Thank me later. 

9 things

  1. GU salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
  2. Lemon and lime mojito candle- ASOS £12.99
  3. Rust funnel neck jumper- New Look £19.99
  4. Hotel Chocolat gin puddles £2.75
  5. Letter throw- George at Asda £12
  6. Jacquard weave wrap skirt- H&M £24.99
  7. Travel card holder- Oliver Bonas £8.00
  8. Sterling silver peace emoji ring- Rock N Rose £24.00
  9. Sea salt caramel truffles- Waitrose £9.99

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