We need to remember that bloggers are bosses – and it’s challenging 

There’s something about blogging that everyone seems to forget- it’s voluntary.

 I’ve watched friends build successful business models out of blogs. I have a few friends now who have made blogging their job. I know a lot of people who have a platform and over the past year I’ve floated into this online community of writers who work hard off their own backs to make something of a little digital space. 

But making something of it is hard. Everything that’s put out, every piece of digital content, every image, every tweet- it’s all work. Bloggers brainstorm, write, edit, design, market, communicate and evaluate. This is all done by bloggers who choose to blog. They choose to spend their time on it and that’s what makes it so rewarding. Seeing a spike in stats or reading comments of people who appreciate what you’re doing, even receiving emails of offers for work or brand collaboration, it all feels good.

But how do you keep motivated?

The other day I was reading through some blog related emails that had accumulated and I suddenly wished I had someone to give me an appraisal. I wanted some feedback on how I’m doing.  Something constructive. Someone to set me targets and tell me what’s good already and what I can work on. Basically, I wanted a boss. But when it comes to blogging, it’s your domain, you’re the boss. You have to do all the decision making and goal setting and planning and evaluation and you have to decide if it’s worth it. 

It’s really bloody difficult to keep it up sometimes. You might think “well no ones making you do it” -which is correct, but once you establish an audience, no matter how small, you just want to keep creating. Once you know that people out there are interested and you’ve watched your stats grow and seen your followers climb and read a few nice comments, you just want to plough on. You want to blog more. Write more. Reach more people. 

It would be nice sometimes to have someone to guide you. To have someone with experience and authority to come over and tell you what to do next. Instead you’re just sitting there with a computer, looking at your coffee like “latte please give me a sign. Tell me what I should do next you frothy goddess.” Lattes don’t give much constructive advice- that’s just another thing that bloggers do for themselves. It’s another reason why these people who take time to build their own little online palace deserve a nod of recognition. 

Blogging is big and it’s bold and it’s growing. It’s an exhilarating time to be an online content creator, you just got to remember that it’s all you and you’re doing pretty damn well. 

3 thoughts on “We need to remember that bloggers are bosses – and it’s challenging 

  1. What a lovely post. Yes, I often tell myself when I’m stressed with my full time job that ”I don’t HAVE to blog this week, nobody is forcing me too.” But there’s that nagging voice that reminds you people follow you for a reason and you cannot start a blog then fade out. On one hand it’s great to own your own little thing, to be the boss of it completely but I so agree with wanting to have a guide sometimes, to direct you with which content to put out, send out some prompts for post ideas, straighten out all the grey areas you don’t notice, etc. It’s not easy to be a blogger and yet it’s one of the most impressive new fields out there the only one you can start on your own, run on your own and create a functioning business out of and make money from all from the comfort of your own home (or bed!) 🙂 And those comments ”I like the way you write!” ”I totally agree!” Those make it worth it don’t they?!

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    • It is totally a nagging voice! In a way I like that, as it keeps me going when I really feel I can’t be bothered. I’ve found the WordPress phone app to be a total life saver. I do a lot of drafting on the train to and from work now to try and save a bit of me time for when I get home. But yeah, a few nice little nods of appreciation make it worthwhile! Thanks for reading xx

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  2. I wrote a wonderful long comment and accidentally deleted it! 😐

    I will wrap it up quickly. I agree that bloggers are often too hard on themselves. Most are unpaid, fit drafting blogs around work and are always subconsciously thinking about ideas for the next blog.

    I would like more followers and am in awe of the bloggers on twitter who have big fan bases. I wonder what they have which draws people back.

    For now, I will continue to write as I enjoy it and it helps to develop my skills.


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