41 thoughts and questions we probably all had watching Making a Murderer

Because quite frankly, I’m obsessed. I’ve felt like launching the laptop and Netflix out of the window during several points of this documentary. I also keep finding myself thinking about it at work and coming up with even more questions. I’ve never seen a reaction quite like this to a documentary. I even got sent a petition to sign on Twitter. It kinda seems like an everyone is an Avery right now…

1) Teresa Halbach’s brother- WHAT EVEN? He is so unnerving. He also looks like he’s having a good time when interviewed and actually grins every so often. No. Just no. Not okay. Also so suspicious of the ‘grieving process’ comment he made a day after she went missing.

2) Has ANYONE else even been questioned? Was there only ever going to be Steven?

3) What about her ex-boyfriend/room mate? No questions? No suspicions?

4) Why does every single piece of viable evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the police get brushed aside? How can it happen over and over?

5) Why was Steven’s trial denied the right to bring in a jury from another county when Brendan’s wasn’t?

6) It snows A LOT in Wisconsin.

7) How was this case not famous years ago?

8) Who filmed all this footage?

9) Brendan Dassey, with an IQ of 70 and his strange behaviour, cannot have been taken literally by those officers. Like, really? 

10) If Brendan and Steven didn’t do it though…who did?

11) How can one man be so, so, so unlucky?

12) Kratz is more suspicious than anyone accused of any crime in the whole 10 episodes.

13) Has anyone ever looked more shifty and more like they had something to hide than James Lenk?

14) Brendan’s first lawyer fills me with hate. Deep hate.

15) The Q&As the lawyers have with the press are weird. So weird.

16) Why did Steven agree to the replacement juror?

17) What the F is up with the random lying cousin, Kayla? How and why would she do that? Why did they not look at that closer?


19) The judge sounds like a man who had made his mind up from the first second, regardless of any jury decision. He also looks SO bored through the trial.

20) If I were on that jury, I’d be standing on a table shouting.


22) Injustice is a whole new emotion I need to learn to deal with.

23) Someone please make it stop.

24) Kratz’s voice doesn’t match his face, to the point that it’s creepy.

25) Watching Brendan be questioned is almost unwatchable. 

26) How can a re-trial be denied. How? HOW?

27) Steven’s reaction to the verdict speaks volumes.

28) Lenk. Again. I can’t even.

29) Dean Strang is amazing. I want to go for lunch with him.

30) How many people live in Manitowoc that aren’t part of the Avery family?

31) That is one large salvage yard.

32) Probably more happy than I should be that he has this girlfriend.

33) How did they POSSIBLY miss the key the first time round?

34) How did they POSSIBLY miss the bullet the first time round?

35) What is up with the woman giving evidence about searching the Avery’s property with her daughter and finding Teresa’s car? I mean come on. Believable? Nope.

36) I need to basically go do a law degree, go to Wisconsin, and do lawyering.

37) Can someone explain how the “but we have Steven Avery in custody” comment to the police dispatcher wasn’t discussed more in court.

38) Help me. Someone come to my house and answer my 34322 questions.

39) Anger.

40) His poor, poor parents.

41)  What now? 

11 thoughts on “41 thoughts and questions we probably all had watching Making a Murderer

  1. Oh my god, I completely agree. I was actually shouting at my TV throughout the whole series. I feel like something must be missing that we weren’t shown. Some piece of evidence linking him to it, because otherwise – what the actual hell?!


  2. Agree with everything here!! Her brother is so so so weird.. How did he know she had died before they had even found the body.. hmm suspicious!


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  4. Great post! Making a murderer is by far the best documentary I’ve ever watched but the amount of anger and disgust I had afterwards was untrue! I honestly can’t believe that this is real life and that that amount of injustice can continue!



    Even with the forensic science and criminology credentials I have and after acquiring as much genuine information about the case he should not have been found guilty, where was the mistrial and how could prosecution still be presented by the same person that said it would be so easy to kill him and make him disappear instead? So many questions. Have you seen the updates on the case? His newest lawyer is causing a stir on Twitter and I believe a season two is in the making (so conflicted about this).


    • Oh wow no!! I haven’t seen this! I finished watching it nearly 3 weeks and I still can’t stop thinking about it! Madness isn’t it. Makes you wonder how many people this has happened to in these small town cultures. Hope you are well my darling (or as well as your body is allowing) xxxx


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