6 amazing documentaries you need to watch 

Erm, can we just talk about documentaries? I’m having a massive re-emergence of love for them and I just want to take all my annual leave (or leave my job entirely) and stay at home all day with the documentary channel and some houmous.

There are SO many good ones out there right now and I’m not even talking about new trendy ones, the Internet is bursting with doc films. My latest documentary hype started with, unsurprisingly, watching Making a Murderer on Netflix, and by about episode three I was fully back on the documentary bandwagon. I don’t know how anyone can not enjoy a good gritty, real-life tv show. Its perfect.

Anyway enough of me basically asking documentaries as a whole to marry and settle down with me, and onto my point- documentaries you need to watch and where you can find them.

  1. Making a Murderer

On the off chance you haven’t watched this- get it on Netflix. It’s about a guy who was wrongly jailed for 18 YEARS, released and then the following events that unfold are literally unbelievable. It’s ridiculous and amazing and SO addictive. It’s 10 episodes so prepare to binge.

2. JonBenet Ramsey

Massive shoutout to Hannah Gale for showing me this one back in our student days. It focuses on the murder of six year old JonBenet- whose body was found in her own home- and the case remains unsolved despite it being heard in front of the grand jury several times. Lots of insane family happenings and WEIRD circumstances. This is on YouTube– Turn the volume up- the sound quality isn’t great for this link but it appears to have the whole documentary in one place.

3. Hot girls wanted

You know Ann from Parks and Recreation right? Well she made a documentary for Netflix and it’s pretty bloody good. In case you’ve made the fatal error of not watching P&R her actual name is Rashida Jones and she made a documentary focussing on how young girls in the US get into porn. Not something I’d usually watch but I saw it advertised on the home page and stuck it on, after ten minutes I was totally fascinated. It’s hugely eye opening, partly sad and partly liberating.

4) Dear Zachary

Good grief, saddle up for a dose of harrowing viewing. Probably even harder to watch than Making a Murderer and seriously emotional. Don’t watch this if you’re feeling fragile, but you have to watch at some point. You can catch it on YouTube or Netflix.

5) Louis Theroux- The city addicted to crystal meth

So all the Louis Theroux documentaries are amazing, and now they’re on Netflix- dream come true. This particular one is set in one American town with a crazy meth problem and looks at addicts, recovery centres and what the police encounter. Shocking, and very sad, but so interesting.

6) Catfish- the original

So pretty much everyone has seen or heard (I imagine) about the MTV show Catfish. BUT have you seen the one off original documentary that inspired the show? If not you need to. Nev Schulmam, who’s the filmmaker, met a girl online and fell in love- I probably don’t need to explain more. This is SO good, one of my all time documentary films, and so interesting in the height of the social media world we live in.

Buckle up on the sofa. It’s time to get serious.

5 thoughts on “6 amazing documentaries you need to watch 

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  2. Have you seen The House I Live In? It’s not an unsolved murder documentary, but it is incredibly eye-opening regarding socio-economics and the “drug war” in America.


  3. i’d recommend ‘the imposter’—- edge of your seat documentary. as for the jonbenet one— what is the official name? the link is blocked now, and i need to know the official name of the doc to find it elsewhere to watch.


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