The hair wand that will do good things for you 


I could write the book on bad hair days. I could also illustrate it. I have quite nice hair I think, I’m just useless at doing it and never have enough time to put in practice so it never looks nice. One day I WILL learn to do French braids on myself. One day. (I won’t though.)

Anyway, the real news here is I discovered (my sister owns it and I used it) a hair wand that might actually be a magic wand. Wingardum Leviowaves. Soz.

Basically,  I’ve used ALL the curlers and various straighteners and even GHD straighteners made for curling and literally I’ve used it all. I’m bad at it and I get horrible kinks and then it falls out and I have to put my hair up. This has been my hair routine basically forever, because thin, flat hair is not what you want from life.

Behold The Babylis pro styling wand and all it’s curly abilities.


You can get one from Amazon and it costs the bargain price of £25.

So this is short and sweet, but if  you’re in need of something easy for all round better, beach-wavey hair days I highly, highly recommend. If I can get decent looking hair out of it then that’s a good indication it’s worth buying.

2 thoughts on “The hair wand that will do good things for you 

  1. This looks like an excellent purchase – plus it’s gone down to £19.99 in the sale, hurrah! I am also determined to be able to french plait my own hair, yet fear I won’t ever actually learn.

    Faye x


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