16 things that’ll help ease you through January

To be honest, I don’t really mind January. Yeah, we’re all a bit poor, it’s cold and dark and there’s the Christmas comedown but I kinda like an excuse to be a recluse and lay in bed watching documentaries and relentlessly eating. It’s definitely alright for a couple of weeks or so at least.

It’s not so good if you let the end of Christmas and the demise of all things mulled and twinkly totally weigh you down. You gotta plan your January so you aren’t bored, climbing the walls and  picking on yourself because you’re too poor for cocktails and hangover Dominos. So here be some little ideas:

1) Watch Making a Murderer

If you like gritty, real life crime documentaries or you were a big fan of Serial, you gotta get on this. It’s on Netflix and is about an absolutely insane set of circumstances involving an attempted rape trial, a murder trial and evidence so questionable you’ll be throwing celebrations wrappers at your laptop screen ten minutes in. I am HOOKED.

2) eBay, eBay, eBay

You’ve probably got clothes you don’t need, don’t fit, don’t wear or got shiny new replacements of at Christmas. January is always a good eBay time. If you can drag yourself out of your blanket fort, sort through it all and get listing. I made over £1000 selling stuff on eBay 2 years ago (more on that here) and I’ve got a big pile ready to list this Sunday evening- the best time to list IMO. Go go go go.

3) Join the ‘one pot’ recipe craze

January is a good month to stay in and cook dinner. It’s dark and probs wet and your bank balance is probably a bit sad and weepy and you want nice, homemade food to cheer you up. These recipes are everywhere at the moment and anything hearty that can be whipped up in one pan is a winner. Less washing up, more eating. These ones are really good.

4) Read The Rosie Project

I am currently doing this and it’s brilliant.

5) Plan travel, research travel, book travel

Sales, so many flight sales, so many places you need to go, so many January blues to beat. Last year I spent January planning the most incredible girls trip to Sri Lanka, taking massive advantage of Booking.com sales. If you want some travel inspo, check out this for seaside staycationed, snow, amazing Air b&bs, jungle paradise and uber cool cities.

6) Come dine with me, at home, with your friends.

You can drunkenly score each other a 6 while you sit in the back of your mates Corsa.

7) Take up head space

An app that teaches you to meditate, which you can do from bed or an arms chair, and makes you feel all fresh and free inside your own head. Worth a go, no?

8) Get a DIY project (an indoors one)

Doesn’t need to be expensive, doesn’t need to be hard, doesn’t need to involve tools or adult things like spirit levels (what even?) just needs to occupy you and keep your January

9) Do not set ridiculous goals

Are you really going to lose a stone, go spinning 4 times a week, give up all junk food, go to bed at 10 every night or save £800? Probably not. We love to set ourselves up for failure with resolutions we probably don’t even really want to keep in January. If you’re going to make resolutions, they may as well be realistic right? You may well at least have a chance of achieving them.

10) wrap up, go walking. Yep.

11) Take up photography.

If you’ve got a camera, this time of year isn’t all bad to get out and start practicing. Bare trees and stormy skies are pretty good subjects. If you’ve got a blog, then all the better. It doesn’t have to be blue skies, beaches and long sunny evenings for photos to come out well. Start practicing in January and imagine how good your Holiday photos will be come July.

12) write.

Write it on a notebook (who doesn’t get stationary for Christmas?), write it on a blog, in a diary, into a word document. If you’re going to be stuck indoors you may as well do something creative. The first thing I seriously wrote was about 15 pages about how hard it was not to be a student anymore (I imagine I was asked to get up before 9am or something equally vile), and I’ve never looked back.

13) Go thrift shopping

Low prices, chance of a vintage masterpiece, perfect Saturday afternoon on a budget.

14) Be cultural

So many free, indoor things to do in cities- museums, galleries, exhibitions, open mic nights, shows. Just google it.

15) Try out a capsule wardrobe

You probably won’t be in need of endless glitzy outfit changes, let be honest, and if you’ve got yourself caught up in the whole capsule trend, now seems a good time to try it out… Jeans, jumpers, black skirt, tights, ankles boots. It sorts itself out. Yay January!

16) Make your own hot chocolate and make it better than all other hot chocolate

I’ve seen endless hot chocolate recipes flying about since about November and I basically want to try them all. Real chocolate beats powder any day. Try Pinterest for plenty  of suggestions or these.

See, it really doesn’t need to be misery, boredom and weather blues.

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