19 standard thoughts on your last day of annual leave

1) Is this really, truly, actually, seriously happening?

2) I didn’t make the most of those lay-ins. I wasted at least two and now it’s all over and I’ll never get those lay-ins back and how did I let this happen?

3) I can’t remember exactly what my job is.

4) I hope and pray I didn’t leave any dregs of tea in my desk mug.

5) Do I go to bed early to be as prepared as possible for the first day back or do I just stay up and make the most of the last night and suffer horribly in the morning? 

6) Maybe I should go travelling. 

7) Why isn’t it a bank holiday? Who even decides on bank holidays?

8) Do I even look refreshed? Is that a bag on my eye bag? 

9) *sets aside 4 hours to look for work ID badge* 

10) Why did I not just book one more day off? Why am I so incompetent at knowing what I really want and need from life?

11) I don’t wanna. 

12) I must finish writing that book and get it published and sell the rights to a film company and become a millionaire so I never need to set another alarm. I must finish by the end of next week. 

13) I should have tried harder to be a professional holiday maker. 

14) Why I didn’t I take time to appreciate and reflect on not having to go to work when I had more time off ahead of me?

15) Should have washed some work clothes really.

16) Must try to not let the whole last day off be ruined by back-to-work-blues. Should probably stop laying face down in bed. 

17) Tomorrow I will strut into work and probably get offered a job on the board of directors but for now I’m just gonna have a little cry and a little eat. 

18) I haven’t achieved anything in the past two weeks. Why am I not one of those yoga-doing, early rising, busy socialites that look chic everyday and also are there any biscuits in the cupboard? Help. 

19) I wish I was a dog or a cat.

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