Blogging- where do you fit? What’s next? What’s even happening? HELP

Everyone and their mother seems to have a blog these days. If you want to read about or obsess over something- you can find a blog on it. I mean there are quite literally thousands of them out there pumping out content constantly, and I spent the latter part of last year thinking maybe it’s time to put mine to  bed because I felt swallowed up and aimless. I had very little time, very little inspiration and felt like an oddity for having seemingly different interests to the masses. That sounds like i’m sticking all blogs together and I’m not- I just mean the very prevalent lifestyle category and what I see when I scan Twitter or Instagram.

In my eyes (and many others I’m sure) things are getting too repetitive. The same subjects, products, brands and reviews are being written over and over, the same Twitter bios get used,  Instagram can feel like one giant advertisement where everything is 10% off and I get this weird feeling that the blogosphere could implode on itself. The end of 2015 wasn’t full of blove (blogging love, im writing my own dictionary), but I’m willing it to change.

How much more of the same can there be? Well… A lot apparently. I can’t see people getting sick of it, in fact standing around the edge of the digital playing field and observing showed me the blogging community were still very much enthused and wrapped up in the posting, scheduling, photo taking, group chats and community promoting of what I see as a very small subject list- but I’m no expert. I know there’s way more out there that I haven’t discovered, but we don’t have time to read everything. While I have become an avid blog reader and I do still constantly look for something new to read, I get it. I get why people love this safe haven where they can be part of the gang and join in on the latest bath bomb hype and feel nestled into a cosy, blogging corner.  It’s why I got one in the first place. I wanted in on that feeling and the blogging community is immense. Immense in a mostly positive way.

I guess basically…everything gets tired sometimes, and my view on blogging started to feel a bit, how should I say…NEXT.

What I want is for stuff to get shaken up this year, and that’s my outlook as a reader, not a contributor. I work in digital. I’m completely immersed in trends and social media and evaluation so I research the field a lot (I know I know, hold me back, I’m far too wild). I just want to be blown away by something new and feel excited. It’s hard to know where your content fits if you aren’t part of the mould that seems to shape an endless amount of lifestyle blogs- and this is my main issue. Even writing this I keep thinking GOD WHO CARES? Hasn’t there been so many posts like this already? Shall I just eat more Pringles instead?

I obviously do care though, because I’m still blabbing on about it.

You see I’m not that into Lush, I don’t buy tons of clothes, I don’t know how to do nice make up, I’m not interested in hauls or showing anyone what I bought at shopping last week (unless I thrift like a wizard and have a charity shop haul worth shouting about), I’m allergic to cats, I just moved out of my crazy flat and I’m not decorating a house with Pinterest style interiors.

I feel like the aforementioned are what I see posts about everyday and while I’ll happily read them, I just feel like I need to see something new swing by and land in my inbox or appear on my Twitter feed. I don’t feel totally like I can be part of the glossy crew.

I like getting drunk, eavesdropping in public, moaning about chronic illness, finding socks without holes in and managing to get my hair in a respectable top knot. And I like to write and take photos and make people laugh and go trekking up mountains and ride in tuk tuks.

I want to hold on to my piece of Internet for now and keep at it. I just hope there’s something dazzling waiting to jump out and be all like ‘HEY BLOGGING TAKE THAT YOU BASTARD LETS HAVE A PARTY AND TALK ABOUT OUR FEELINGS WHILE ON HOLIDAY IN A JUNGLE.’ I just need a shot of rejuvenation.

Sorry, I’m quite hungover.

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