21 things you didn’t factor in when you were a teenager planning your dream adult life

1. Not having perfect skin. Everything was supposed to clear up by your 21st birthday but instead of looking like a foundation TV advert, you’re still battling the occasional outbreak and slapping endless concealer on little red face mountains before nights out. Beautiful.

2. Being tired. Like, all the time.

3. Getting really excited about staying in. Cocktails, club nights, gigs, dinners, trips to the theatre and after work pub sessions? Erm, no thanks. I’d rather put on my fluffiest pyjamas and lay down all evening while I slowly eat a block of cheese and remain quite still.

4. Not having enough money to dress exclusively in TopShop. Wasn’t it so sad when you realised how expensive life actually is?

5. Rolling into work covered in dry shampoo and carrying a healthy, balanced lunch in a plastic bag, rather than strutting into the office with a fresh blowdry and a frothy latte. Everything you thought about shiny, pristine, career you was wrong. Very wrong.

6. The lack of 4 bedroom house, husband, well behaved children, cute dog and brand new car. Remember being a teenager and thinking that was how it would work? Lol.

7. Your immense love for comfy, warm, practical clothes, because when it’s cold and you have a long day ahead of you there’s just no time for exposed skin or pretty shoes.

8. The eternal battle to empty the washing basket. If only someone prepared 16 year old you for this barrel of laughs.

9. Having to pay for things that don’t equate to fun.

10. How much of a big role candles would play in your life.

11. The impracticality and impossibility to own 5 puppies.

12. Wanting to travel to places based on their culture and museums rather than beach quality and nightlife.

13. The fact that food always runs out, always needs to be replaced and always costs money.

14. How proud and happy and relaxed you can feel after a productive cleaning session. YAY BLEACH.

15. How differently you’d start to look at friends. Less BFFL, more ‘can I RELY on you though pal?’

16. How quickly being in charge of your food and household shopping would become old. Can some sort of fairy please stock my cupboards with sensible things while I’m out? Please?

17. Cushions. Throws. Prints. Everywhere.

18. A passport costs HOW much?

19. The realisation that it’s unlikely you’ll have a hot tub in your penthouse even in a dream, let alone real life.

20. The Sims did not properly prepare you for how to seriously deal with household disasters like leaks and floods.

21. The sudden ability any kind of container has to be a vase once you hit peak adulthood.



It’s completely fine to be a cliche and enjoy blogging- the negativity needs to stop


I was lying in bed the other night reading through the BBC News app and couldn’t concentrate on reading a full article, so I switched to Twitter. Less concentration required and more chance of dog videos and people falling over.

I started to scroll and saw, not for the first time, standard lifestyle tweets about food and coffee and Lush and make up and fashion, alongside some slagging off those exact things. ‘Ugh surprise surprise someone who writes a blog is having a caramel latte. How original’ Pretty tame, not overly offensive tweet, but there are plenty more cropping up all over the place.

It seems to be that while online communities are growing and becoming bigger and stronger, there are also even more people out there waiting to give someone a kick. If you don’t like lifestyle  posts, don’t follow lifestyle accounts. If you aren’t interested in reviews on new mascaras and face washes, clear your timeline of beauty bloggers. If female magazines make you angry, why do you follow their accounts?  I even saw a tweet last week along the lines of ‘sick of these blog RT accounts filling my timeline with blogs that are so shit.’ ERM..HELLO? UNFOLLOW IT THEN.

I mean, people can be stupid. And they are mean. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there is definitely a line that’s too often crossed. Twitter has and probably always will be a place for those who have nothing better to do than to take their issues out on the unsuspecting, innocent public. And right now that public is the the online content creating world. And not the big stars or super popular people with 50k+ Instagram followers. The little people who do it out of passion and enjoyment. It’s not big and I don’t find it funny.

It’s certainly no laughing matter how popular and influential online content creators are becoming. Be it blogging, vlogging, instagramming, photographers- whatever the medium, brands are interested. They want to work with those who do all of this off their own back, so who cares if someone enjoys being a ‘blogging cliché’? You don’t have to like it, but you also don’t have to take every opportunity to bash it.

So what if there are loads of people out there who like coffee drinking, cats, fashion writing, Lush bath bombs and nude lipstick- there’s a reason there’s so much of it around. It’s what people like right now. Yeah, not everyone, but I don’t read blogs who post content I don’t care about, and surely that’s how it should be done? Perhaps we need to concentrate on consuming more of what we enjoy.

If someone wants to Instagram their coffee, write about their favourite eye palette and document their shopping trips- that’s fine. Chances are, there is a big group of people scattered around who’ll read and like and comment on that kind of content. If it’s not for you- then pass it by.

I really don’t think there’s a need to make someone feel bad for doing the ‘in thing’ or living up to a cliché (whatever that is) , especially in the saturated blogging world, because with that many people in one community, it was always going to happen. It will continue to happen. The lifestyle/beauty/fashion craze is not going anywhere.


9 health trends set to be big in 2016

If you’re a sucker for a health trend (coconut oil anyone?) then 2016 is going to be an interesting year for you. Last year was all about oils and the mammoth rise and apparent fall of the avocado (because of it’s misunderstood fat content, not because it got drunk and disgraced itself or anything) with a bit of protein powder thrown in. Well this year is apparently going to throw some very interesting stuff at us, some I can’t quite see myself stomaching, but since I’ll basically try anything that’s trendy, who knows. And supplements are set to get even bigger. So there’s that to get excited over. 

I was at the London Health Show last week and listened to a talk about what’s going to be hot this year in the world of health and wellbeing from the people at NutriCentre (they know their stuff). This was immediately after I ate a leaf that tasted like Camembert. It was a weird morning.

So here are 9 trends they predict are going to take off and nourish us this year:


This comes hand in hand with the ever-popular blender and every other person you know owning a NutriBullet. We’re going to start chucking powder in everything-Powdered supplements to be precise. Instead of taking them in tablet form, we’ll be mixing them up in smoothies and drinks and shakes. Easier to digest, so I’m told.

Fermented foods and home fermenting

So the word fermented is not exactly sexy, and I had no idea until I heard this talk, but fermentation is basically when food ages and natural bacteria already in it feeds on starch and sugar. The process of fermentation creates enzymes, b-vitamins and various probiotics, which is why it’s good for us. I did a quick google of ‘fermented food’ and found loads of sites and blogs raving about the health benefits and also mentioning sauerkraut. Not a trend for attractive vocabulary, but apparently 2016 is going to be the year of fermenting. So yeah. Start ageing your food. (I’m hoping extra extra extra mature cheese counts)


Like juicing, but you make soup. I’m all for this. I’m about 80% soup at all times currently, and I have discovered hand blenders are amazing for knocking up vegetable broth. Homemade soup is the ultimate winter comfort food and if you’re looking for a good recipe, I recommend this from Jamie Oliver. Had it the other day. SO GOOD.


Eating it, not just fat in general. And good fat obviously. Low fat diets are dying out (thank God) and we’re all accepting that we need to eat good fats. You keep doing you, avocado.


So this is the one that I probably can’t (and don’t want to) stomach. The people at NutriCentre are aware we aren’t quite brave enough to just start eating crickets in their whole form (and after a drunken night in Bangkok I can confirm the sight of them on a stick is not pretty), but insects are VERY good for us. All the protein. There are now health bars out there that contain all your usual suspects- nuts, peanut butter, fruit, oats…and crickets, and apparently they’re going to take off. Make of that what you will.

Natural packaging 

Apparently becoming big in the US but not quite reached us. I would never ever think about the packaging of my food in terms of health detriments, but clearly people do- and they want natural packaging. No metal, or plastic, or glass (expensive), just natural, 100% recycled materials. I assume this is because it’s better for us and the environment (though I still don’t think it would make me think twice).


Set to replace kale as the healthy green staple.


You’ve probably heard of matcha tea? Well expect to see matcha muffins, matcha cakes, matcha bars and matcha ice cream.

Camel milk

I’ve tried this in tea before and it has quite a weird, sour taste, though it’s not undrinkable, it would take some getting used to. It contains insulin, not the usual suspect when you look up the health benefits of food or drink. It’s also an alternative to cows milk for people who are allergic as it lacks the allergen that causes people problems, and it’s allegedly massively on the rise.

I’m actually really interested to see if any of these take off. I’m more and more obsessed with health the older I get (still can’t eat a cricket though), and I keep telling myself this will be the year I get my diet in order once and for all. Seaweed, I’m coming for you.

Trying to do life with chronic fatigue


If you suffer with chronic fatigue, you know about it. It doesn’t just hang around in the shadows, occasionally stopping by to cause problems, it can cling to you for days, weeks or even longer, weighing you down until you give in. It’s largely associated with chronic illnesses and is often part of conditions that cause widespread pain, but it’s a symptom of a lot of diseases and conditions and it’s something that is hard to get across to others.

Chronic fatigue isn’t like feeling tired. It’s not like having a really long day and feeling like you need to go to bed, it’s a crippling feeling of complete exhaustion, for absolutely no obvious reason. It’s kinda like how I imagine a dementor’s kiss would feel. There you are, just trying to get on with your day, and along comes the fatigue in it’s miserable black robe, ready to suck the life out of you. When I first got diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos, a lot of stuff fell into place. My tiredness levels had been all over the place for a long time. I thought I felt how other people felt. I thought it was normal to get a solid 8 hours sleep and then find yourself at work the next day practically unable to look at a screen or even support your own bodyweight. I just thought this was what it was like to be tired and have a job.

The doctor I was seeing at the time assured me this wasn’t normal. He cracked a joke about how everyone with a job was tired, but that I definitely shouldn’t reach a point of not being able to hold my head up after a solid nights sleep and good diet. I never tested positive for anything else that could explain the tiredness, so because it’s a common complaint among Ehlers Danlos patients, I’ve accepted it’s something that’s just part of life now.

There’s only so much you can do to get through the day when your fatigue levels are a certain height. Caffeine does nothing, fresh air barely makes a dent and there’s little you can get from food or water. Sometimes all there is to it is listening to your body and doing what it’s desperately asking of you- sleep.

Not so easy to explain when you’re at work. “Erm, sorry guys, need to to pop into the stationary cupboard for a kip. Back in a hour yeah?” and experience has shown me that if you make real attempts at explaining your severe exhaustion, it’s likely people will think you’re making excuses. That’s not to say there aren’t employers and people out there who understand listen, because I’ve been lucky enough to work with them, it’s just generally not a symptom that can be understood. I imagine most people would probably be thinking ‘we all get tired hun, wind your neck in’.

Truth is though, it’s hard to even joke about, because it’s so draining.

I can go for days now without feeling any of the affects of CF, and I’ve definitely felt a steady improvement for the past year. When it does hit though, it’s like you’ve woken up in a cloud of fog. Everything you do is made harder by feeling like you’re wading through thick clouds. It’s hard to concentrate, hard to listen, hard to be productive and almost impossible to do tasks to your full ability. Imagine trying to do a days work with a huge, blurry bubble over your head that stops you hearing or speaking properly. The worst I’ve ever had it was about a year ago, when I was unable to hold conversation for more than a minute and couldn’t remember what any emotion other than ‘fuck off’ felt like.

Needless say, it’s not a great mood lifter.

There’s few nicer feelings than when a CF sufferer feels the fog start to clear. Like walking from a grey, rainy street straight onto a sunny beach. Everything just improves and you feel like you can see, taste, hear and even move around better. For a while last year I did pilates (gentle, beginners classes) and I started doing the stretches at home after work, and this seemed to make a slight difference. This was around the time I got on top of things and my bad days got fewer. Also exercise, as impossible as it seems to even contemplate when your gripped by CF, made a big difference to me, as did spending more time outside, even just if it was sitting for half hour in fresh air. It’s all about trial and error I guess.

If you have CF or a condition that brings it on in bouts, I feel your pain. It’s horrid, and as amazing and wonderful as bed is, there are times you just want to be able to leave it without having a small breakdown. (I say this laying in bed fully clothed, in broad daylight, but its like -2 degrees outside so I’ll allow myself).

Happy energetic vibes everyone.

9 lovely little buys to get you through the rest of January

 It’s  reached the point of January where everyone’s so skint it’s sort of like being part of a massive club, which makes it fine. Also the end is in sight. It’s coming. It’s getting a tiny bit lighter everyday and it’s already light when you leave in the morning, as opposed to living like a mole in constant darkness for the last 2 months. Although it is GOD DAMN freezing and survival is still challenging. 

Anyway, probably gonna buy all these things with my non-money (nomey?) and you should do the same cos cute, cosy, candles and well deserved. 

Oh and there’s no link to the hot chocolate because it’s just in all supermarkets but know this- it’s like drinking a warm dream come true. Find it by the milk. Thank me later. 

9 things

  1. GU salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
  2. Lemon and lime mojito candle- ASOS £12.99
  3. Rust funnel neck jumper- New Look £19.99
  4. Hotel Chocolat gin puddles £2.75
  5. Letter throw- George at Asda £12
  6. Jacquard weave wrap skirt- H&M £24.99
  7. Travel card holder- Oliver Bonas £8.00
  8. Sterling silver peace emoji ring- Rock N Rose £24.00
  9. Sea salt caramel truffles- Waitrose £9.99

Where to go in Sri Lanka for the most beautiful luxury travel treat


If I had unlimited funds and no ties and could just drop everything at work and flit away, I would go back to Sri Lanka. I’m not one for going to the same place twice, especially when I have a travel hit list as long as both my arms, but there’s something special about Sri Lanka. After hitting 16 destinations over the past two years, this was my favourite, and It’ll take some beating.

I went with four friends, and while we did a mixture of trekking, hostels and floating about looking for random accommodation, BUT we did treat ourselves to one luxury part of the trip- and OH MY was it worth it. If you’re after something tropical, jaw-droppingly beautiful and largely untouched and authentic, this is for you. I had the time of my life here. Not kidding. Even thinking about it now makes me feel all tingly.

After many evenings spent reading up on which part of the trip to splash out on, Ella (Or Eliya Nuwara) became the obvious choice. There are a few things to consider if you’re going to do it- how to get there, what hotel to stay in and what to fill the days with. It isn’t on the coast, so if you want to witness Sri Lanka’s wicked coastline, don’t spend your full trip there, but it’s essential you go.


So first things first- YOU HAVE TO GET THE TRAIN TO ELLA. Like, this is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had travel wise, and it’s touted as the most scenic train journey in the world. It’s pretty obvious why once you reach Kandy (yes, that’s a real place name) and look out over the tea fields. The equivalent of £13 will buy you a first class ticket from Colombo,  including meals and unlimited tea and coffee, and while you’re in for a long day (7-10 hours, they don’t really do fixed times in Sri Lanka), it’s worth it. The views are amazing. Like standard green, lush Asia x 1000.

Now once you get there, which if you train it will probably be in the dark, you need to make sure you’re checking into Ravana Heights boutique Hotel. While this isn’t some sort of champagne serving, sparkling spa hotel with Egyptian cotton sheets, it’s luxury for Sri Lanka and it has a little treat for you- this view from bed:

Probably my favourite part of this place was rolling out of bed every morning to fresh coffee, fruit salad and banana pancakes with this view:

We stayed in the suite, complete with enormous walk-in shower, big comfy beds, fancy vanity area, big balcony overlooking the valley and a private entrance. We were pretty nakered after we rolled up to reception (by tuk tuk, 5 mins from the station) and were met with fresh lime juices, cake and flowers. The owner of the guest house is eccentric and full of tips and ideas of what you should do during your stay- he set us up with a trip to parts of Ella we wouldn’t have gone off our own backs, and we ended up walking through clouds, learning to drive tuk tuks and doing yoga on a mountain side. Standard Tuesday.

Ella is a tiny little town and you couldn’t really find anywhere more chilled. The local food is mostly curry and roti (the best roti EVER from Roti Hut FYI) and there are a few nice bars and cafes. We had dinner one night in Ravana Heights, after the owners offered to cook for us, and it was insane. A Thai-Sri Lankan fusion feast complete with various curries, vegetable dishes, soups and puddings.

The guest house also has an outdoor area where you can sit in the evenings, with tea, coffee and cake, and watch storms roll over or the sun set. Watching lightning cross over the mountain with candles and a book from that terrace is probably the most relaxed I’ve ever been.

Oh and if you do go to Ella, you can also trek up Ella rock, (take trainers, water and many snacks) and get a photo like this:

If you want to go all out luxury or just squeeze in a few rather beautiful, comfy days during a backpacking trip, get to Ella and get to Ravana Heights. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything- I just want to spread the love. I want other people to go and eat the thai fusion food and admire the view.


We need to remember that bloggers are bosses – and it’s challenging 

There’s something about blogging that everyone seems to forget- it’s voluntary.

 I’ve watched friends build successful business models out of blogs. I have a few friends now who have made blogging their job. I know a lot of people who have a platform and over the past year I’ve floated into this online community of writers who work hard off their own backs to make something of a little digital space. 

But making something of it is hard. Everything that’s put out, every piece of digital content, every image, every tweet- it’s all work. Bloggers brainstorm, write, edit, design, market, communicate and evaluate. This is all done by bloggers who choose to blog. They choose to spend their time on it and that’s what makes it so rewarding. Seeing a spike in stats or reading comments of people who appreciate what you’re doing, even receiving emails of offers for work or brand collaboration, it all feels good.

But how do you keep motivated?

The other day I was reading through some blog related emails that had accumulated and I suddenly wished I had someone to give me an appraisal. I wanted some feedback on how I’m doing.  Something constructive. Someone to set me targets and tell me what’s good already and what I can work on. Basically, I wanted a boss. But when it comes to blogging, it’s your domain, you’re the boss. You have to do all the decision making and goal setting and planning and evaluation and you have to decide if it’s worth it. 

It’s really bloody difficult to keep it up sometimes. You might think “well no ones making you do it” -which is correct, but once you establish an audience, no matter how small, you just want to keep creating. Once you know that people out there are interested and you’ve watched your stats grow and seen your followers climb and read a few nice comments, you just want to plough on. You want to blog more. Write more. Reach more people. 

It would be nice sometimes to have someone to guide you. To have someone with experience and authority to come over and tell you what to do next. Instead you’re just sitting there with a computer, looking at your coffee like “latte please give me a sign. Tell me what I should do next you frothy goddess.” Lattes don’t give much constructive advice- that’s just another thing that bloggers do for themselves. It’s another reason why these people who take time to build their own little online palace deserve a nod of recognition. 

Blogging is big and it’s bold and it’s growing. It’s an exhilarating time to be an online content creator, you just got to remember that it’s all you and you’re doing pretty damn well. 

Hangovers in your 20s: it’s getting harder

So a while ago I wrote about how I couldn’t handle going out anymore. It’s not that I can’t handle drinking. I just struggle to enjoy going ‘out out’ because of everything that comes with it- excited teenagers, arsehole club staff, bouncers, £18 for a double, dance moves I’m too old to do. The list goes on. 

Obviously though I still drink. It’s becoming less and less often, but I still drink and every single time I get a hangover I feel more and more old. I wake up feeling bad, waste the morning in bed and then think of ways to punish myself for it. “I’ll just change the bedding and hoover and eat some fruit. Oh no dear God I can’t because someone’s attacking my skull with an axe.” Back to bed. 

I had a friend who recently said he had a three day hangover. Went out on Friday, drank a fairly standard normal amount, and still felt bad on Monday morning. Extreme, but I know what he means. For example I had three glasses of wine last night (while dressed as a fish), small ones may I add, and today I feel sick, a bit dizzy and will probably waste several hours in bed rolling around in a state of undress and misery. A few years ago I could drink a bottle of Port and then go for a run in the morning. 

They just keep getting worse. But now I’m like, pretty much an adult at the age of 25, my hangovers have to happen while I do adult things. Like, life has to go on, thumping headache or not, you got things to do, you gotta do them. 

My favourite is the hungover Sunday food shop. I’ve done this many times. I force myself to go (punishment) and then come Tuesday I’m struggling to make a meal out of pasta, Pringles and salsa. But at least your hydration will be well catered for. 

My friend whatsapped me a photo of a Fanta, water and coffee that she was drinking at the same time a couple of weekends back. I feel her pain. Right now all I want is to put my head under a cold tap. If i could fit in the kitchen sink I would just lay there. All the liquid, all the salt, all the carbs. 

Before Christmas I went festive shopping and then to review an event, both planned activities that had to happen, but I had to do them on a hangover. I thought I could handle it and go to Christmas drinks the night before. The next day I was sat in McDonald’s with my friend, a bag of Boots toiletries, new pillowcases, some socks and a chicken legend meal. It was hard. 

I tried to hoover when hungover once. I don’t think I need to go into detail. 

Adulting while hungover is not a joy. It’s not fun and now it’s time to accept that if you’re going to go big, all your chores and life tasks must be complete so you can stay in a duvet fort while you order several meals on Deliveroo. Oh life, you funny little thing you.

Someone get me some salted Kettle chips. Urgently.

Help. Dr Internet is diagnosing me again.

I often think of hungry as an emotion. Like someone asks how you feel and you’re like: “I am hungry. Hungry is what I feel. Leave me alone.” It would be better if it wasn’t because let’s face it, enough emotions already thanks life. But I listen to hunger. It’s easy- I feel hungry, so I eat something, and then I stop hating on everyone and everything.

Everything else going on is not that easy. I miss the carefree days of ignoring my body and ploughing on through to another night out and getting some more chips and then going for a run because oops, better do something good. The joys of being 19.

Now I’ve got some other emotions and feelings to consider- paranoia, stress, exhaustion, obsession. The Internet has become my doctor and this is bad. It’s bad and I’m not alone.

I spend hours worrying about ‘symptoms’. I google things, look for things, I lay awake worrying about aches and pains and my internet search history is full of ‘symptoms of..,’. Wild, I know. The whole internet out there and I’m just at home in my mouse dressing gown wondering what deadly disease I must have because I had a headache earlier. It never ends. I do have a connective tissue disorder, so that’s partly to blame because I have a lot of symptoms, but even when things happen that are not related to that something pings in my head and I’m like OH GOD I THINK I MIGHT BE DYING???? And so off to Google I go.

This is not healthy. I jump on every little pain or niggle or grumble and google and diagnose myself with all manner of conditions which I definitely don’t have. I get totally freaked out and start asking my friends if they’ve ever experienced the same, then they say they don’t, BUT they do have something else. So then we talk about that. Then guess what? Maybe I have that too? 

The internet is amazing and I love it dearly. I love it for videos of people falling over, vines of Beyonce, hilarious one liners, satire, 24 hour news and for a job I really enjoy. But I hate what it does for my health. We 20 somethings who got the Internet when we were just emerging from childhood and used to plug it in on the landline are used to having the answers. We’re used to just looking it up online and we want everything immediately. It’s a blessing and a curse.

While it’s super useful in some respects of health and raises awareness and teaches us how to do vital things like check for cancers etc, my frame of mind is not impressed. 

I’m already unwell, yet there’s this tool on this thing I carry around everywhere in my hand (hiya iphone) and it’s making me paranoid and sad and stressed. It’s turning molehills into mountains and it’s seen me scorned by GPs and nurses. I realise I should stop googling and looking things up. I realise it’s that simple.

But it’s hard to give it up. I know I have friends who are the same as me. We over-analyse and we get way out of hand and we’re on whatsapp  like ‘babe I think I have cronhs’ and my God, it HAS got to stop.

Health is so important. It’s time to start being health aware and sensible in real life instead of relying on doctor Iphone to tell me I need to go to the hospital immediately. 


41 thoughts and questions we probably all had watching Making a Murderer

Because quite frankly, I’m obsessed. I’ve felt like launching the laptop and Netflix out of the window during several points of this documentary. I also keep finding myself thinking about it at work and coming up with even more questions. I’ve never seen a reaction quite like this to a documentary. I even got sent a petition to sign on Twitter. It kinda seems like an everyone is an Avery right now…

1) Teresa Halbach’s brother- WHAT EVEN? He is so unnerving. He also looks like he’s having a good time when interviewed and actually grins every so often. No. Just no. Not okay. Also so suspicious of the ‘grieving process’ comment he made a day after she went missing.

2) Has ANYONE else even been questioned? Was there only ever going to be Steven?

3) What about her ex-boyfriend/room mate? No questions? No suspicions?

4) Why does every single piece of viable evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the police get brushed aside? How can it happen over and over?

5) Why was Steven’s trial denied the right to bring in a jury from another county when Brendan’s wasn’t?

6) It snows A LOT in Wisconsin.

7) How was this case not famous years ago?

8) Who filmed all this footage?

9) Brendan Dassey, with an IQ of 70 and his strange behaviour, cannot have been taken literally by those officers. Like, really? 

10) If Brendan and Steven didn’t do it though…who did?

11) How can one man be so, so, so unlucky?

12) Kratz is more suspicious than anyone accused of any crime in the whole 10 episodes.

13) Has anyone ever looked more shifty and more like they had something to hide than James Lenk?

14) Brendan’s first lawyer fills me with hate. Deep hate.

15) The Q&As the lawyers have with the press are weird. So weird.

16) Why did Steven agree to the replacement juror?

17) What the F is up with the random lying cousin, Kayla? How and why would she do that? Why did they not look at that closer?


19) The judge sounds like a man who had made his mind up from the first second, regardless of any jury decision. He also looks SO bored through the trial.

20) If I were on that jury, I’d be standing on a table shouting.


22) Injustice is a whole new emotion I need to learn to deal with.

23) Someone please make it stop.

24) Kratz’s voice doesn’t match his face, to the point that it’s creepy.

25) Watching Brendan be questioned is almost unwatchable. 

26) How can a re-trial be denied. How? HOW?

27) Steven’s reaction to the verdict speaks volumes.

28) Lenk. Again. I can’t even.

29) Dean Strang is amazing. I want to go for lunch with him.

30) How many people live in Manitowoc that aren’t part of the Avery family?

31) That is one large salvage yard.

32) Probably more happy than I should be that he has this girlfriend.

33) How did they POSSIBLY miss the key the first time round?

34) How did they POSSIBLY miss the bullet the first time round?

35) What is up with the woman giving evidence about searching the Avery’s property with her daughter and finding Teresa’s car? I mean come on. Believable? Nope.

36) I need to basically go do a law degree, go to Wisconsin, and do lawyering.

37) Can someone explain how the “but we have Steven Avery in custody” comment to the police dispatcher wasn’t discussed more in court.

38) Help me. Someone come to my house and answer my 34322 questions.

39) Anger.

40) His poor, poor parents.

41)  What now?