When in London- sunrise in Richmond Park 


There are some things that are worth a 6am alarm on a day off. There probably aren’t many, but I’ve definitely found one. Richmond Park might not seem an obvious ‘London’ excursion but it’s so easy to get to there’s no reason it shouldn’t be- and it’s at it best just as the sun comes up. It’s also now officially the first of ‘When in London’ posts for 2016.


Being obsessed with sunrises means a lot of early starts when travelling, and I never mind a pre-dawn wake up call on holiday, but I’ve never done it at home. My boyfriend has been looking at photos of Richmond Park sunrises with deer and lakes for a while, so we finally took the plunge and crawled out of bed at 6am to watch the last sunrise of 2015. If you’re ever in London and can face the early start I suggest you do the same. It was serious heart eye emoji business.


You can drive in from around 7am and park for free or get the train to Richmond and stroll in 24 hours a day- in case you fancy a 4am picnic obvs. Winter is probably a better bet for sunrise- later and quieter. If you can get there on a nice crisp January morning with a camera you definitely should. Just do yourself a favour and wear gloves. I started to wonder if I had frostbite after a while. It was jolly.


If you do it try and walk up the hill from Robin Hood Gate to see the view of London poking through the trees looking all moody and misty, and then stroll off across the grass down to the lake. We were walking down to the water at peak sunrise and there were dear scattered around in the trees and it was all very ‘woah Mother Nature you mega babe.

Processed with VSCOcam with a3 preset



So basically chuck on your new wooly hat and get up early- this is worth it, even if just for the photos you’ll get. Oh and FYI, the hat in these photos is from Matalan and profits from sales go to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Charity.

Also FYI my boyfriend took a few of these but he has loads more on his beautiful website: https://dannyboyjnr.exposure.co/

If you’ve got a little stint in London planned to be a tourist try and fit this in. You won’t have to fight through crowds or book online in advance and you’ll come away feeling all serene and at one with the sun- always a good way to be.



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