Beauty bits worth buying in 2016

There’s currently about 30 different kinds of new beauty products scattered all over my bed and erm, floor.

My focus of 2015 was sorting out my skin. It’s been bad for years- not horribly spotty but congested, lumpy, dull and prone to outbreaks. Oh and it loves nothing more than having an allergic reaction. I think it’s some sort of fun game it plays when it’s bored or feeling a bit hungover from a wild skin  nigh out. Anyway, I think I have finally got on top of my oily, flaky, angry (sexy) skin and I’ve moved on to my aim for 2016- learn how to do make up.

Is ‘do make up’ even the right term? Who knows- quite frankly who cares- I just want to learn how to apply it without looking like Ronald McDonald and spend my money on stuff that’s worth while. I’ve found a few but I’m soooo far behind the game I will continue searching.

These are a few favourite things well worth a few of your hard earned pennies in the coming year:

Dr Lipp Miracle Balm 

I have angular cheilitis (the corners of my mouth crack and bleed) and excessively dry lips. It’s safe to say I am not bringing sexy back. The cracked mouth thing is actually pretty miserable and stops you eating apples and burgers properly, which is tragic in equal measure. This stuff- which is meant for lips or any other patches of sandpaper skin you might have going on- is bloody miraculous. It turned my lips from chapped to cheerful in about eight hours and three applications. I also used it around my nose when I had a cold and it soothed all the sore skin overnight. uch better than ANY lip balm. So worth getting to shove in your handbag. It’s like a sort of rescue remedy superglue without leaving you sticky. 133433 out of 10.

Bee Good Lift and Brighten Eye Cream   

This baby is made my British bees which is just one reason to buy it. I’ve always sort of happily ignored eye cream like ‘noooo thanks I’ll just wait until I have bags down to my chin’ but actually, I am wrong. Eye cream is right. I didn’t think I was doing too bad in the under eye region, but this has made the skin noticeably less rough very quickly. You can also use this around your lips to tighten the skin.

Eyeko FAT Liquid Eyeliner 


I Struggled to ever find an eyeliner I can be myself with and really let my guard down with as much as Collection 2000 circa 2013- and lord knows I have tried. I’ve only just got this stuff and I LOVE it. It’s like a felt tip for adults that goes on your face and makes you look more hot and less tired.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Daily Face Wash

Never thought I would be able to use a foaming face wash again after becoming locked into an everlasting love affair with Elemis resurfacing wash, but since you can resurface your face all year round- I went on a hunt. This stuff wins. It’s gentle, soap free, fragrance free and doesn’t dry you out to the point you feel like you’ve slept in a dry sandy cave for a hundred years. It’s perfect for every day, has kept my breakouts t bay and noticeably reduced how oily my forehead and nose are when I use it. It’s also a bargain at £12 from Boots and I’m on my third re-purchase. I use this on my chest too during times of bad skin there.





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