Hygge: what it is and why we all need to embrace it

Lots of people claim that the lead up to Christmas is their favourite time of year. Things get wintry and we all lose our shit over mulled wine, fairy lights and pop-up ice rinks. We’re adorable really. Oh and if you know what’s good for you you’ll be well into experimenting with putting toppings on mince pies- peanut butter, vanilla cream, Biscoff, jam (seriously, get involved). 

 A good friend of mine emailed a BBC magazine article about Denmark and the concept of hygge to me a while back and I fell hook, line and sinker. It’s exactly what I want to embody in life and it makes me want to take my savings and run away to a new life in Scandinavia immediately with a wood cabin and my own sleigh. 

As the article says, hygge is all about shooing away the darkness and using your loved ones and happiness to create a feeling of warmth and joy. It’s also about being cosy, making things comfortable, feeling safe and contented and coming together to get through the harsh winter months. Now, I may not live in a freezing country (ahem) and I really usually wouldn’t go in for this stuff (in fact I would normally screw up my face and be all ‘urrghhh hand me a mulled wine and shut up’) but this is too adorable. I want to be cosy and contented with twinkly lights and friends and candles etc etc.

They really do life well in that part of the world. 


I ended up sheltering from gale force winds and rain after journeying an hour across London to go to a Christmas market with friends last week only to get there and see it being packed up. We then walked around, freezing, and ended up at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich hoping to get mulled wine, but the hut had also closed (sort it out Greenwich, 6pm is not late). We ended looking out at the city sparkling on the other side of the river and then after running to get out of pouring freezing rain we fell into a nandos, ate until we could barely move and laughed at pretty much everything from a warm, comfy corner. That was pretty hygge. I felt fully hygge. I’m going to make it happen or try my hardest until people start telling me to ‘stop trying to make hygge happen. It’s never going to happen.’ 

In all fairness, hygge is so fetch. I like to think Regina George found hygge.


There’s so much going on in the wider world right now that terrifies and horrifies us all on a daily basis. It’s grim and it’s bleak and at the moment Christmas is just about breaking through and making things feel a bit better. Not even better, just.. More bearable, even if it’s temporary. I’ve even stopped watching the news everyday to try and escape some of the misery, so hygge is welcome. If we all let a bit in and tried to feel content with what we have the world might slightly improve on the happiness scale. Hygge won’t be solving world peace or bringing an end to crisis, but I like to think it could bring a bit of joy, even if it’s one night in with wine, food and big bobbly socks.


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