5 gifts that taste good because who doesn’t love eating?


Everything is twinkly and Christmassy and pubs are selling mulled wine. The most wonderful time of year is here and all that jazz. I had a devastating evening recently where I went to Greenwich Christmas market with friends for mulled wine and churros and when we got there it was closing. They were literally packing all of the joy away into boxes. Not okay. But it’s fine because you can just order nice tasting things to your door now, and I’m not talking about Deliveroo.

If you have friends and family that like eating and especially like eating during Christmas (so, er, everyone) the below are really rather useful. And absolutely no one is saying you can’t buy these things for yourself. Your stomach deserves it.

The chocolate and Fizz collection- Hotel Chocolat- £25

Prosecco, mini chocolate slabs, salted caramel puddles, fruit and nuts and champagne truffles. Everything that’s good in the world of sweet treats and alcohol.

The Amazingly Choctastic Christmas Gift Finder- Thorntons

This is a bit like something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory but on your laptop. You do some fun, festive personality exploring and the Thorntons machine comes up with the perfect gift for your recipient. This is kind of a good secret santa alternative if you want guaranteed chocolate treats.

Halloumi making Kit- Not On The Highstreet- £23

Halloumi has gone from a zero to a hero over the last couple of years, and now I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it dearly. Basically all you have to add to this is milk and you can make your own halloumi. You can be mother of halloumi.

Breakfast for two- £22.50- Hamper Gifts

Perfect for anyone who likes staying in bed on a weekend and eating. Or equally any friend that actually drags themselves up on a hangover and produces an amazing brunch. Everyone knows one. This is pretty much just a hamper of morning indulgence- luxury muffins, posh jams and good tea and coffee.

Chilli gift set- Food Nation at Boots- £10

For spice masters and hot food ninjas everywhere.



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