17 other reasons Christmas is such a good time to be alive 

It’s December 1st. Christmas is imminent. You just can’t ignore it anymore. It’s also advent calendar day. FESTIVITIES ARE GO. 

I’m not really massively up for Christmas before December but now the month itself has arrived, in all in. I’ve read plenty of ‘reasons to look forward to christmas’ lists and I agree with them all (festive coffees YES) but some stuff gets left out too often. I’m here to stick up for that stuff. Im basically a hero. 

1) Poinsettia. Yes that’s right, i have morphed into your mum. Those red plants you can buy in supermarkets at Christmas are bright, cheerful, and once you tear off the plastic weapper, they’re really rather pretty. 

2) Personalised things. Every festive season I end up buying more stuff with ‘Lauren’plastered over it because it’s just everywhere. Mugs. Purses. Tote bags. Yes yes yes.

3) Gingerbread. Everywhere. 

4) Trees nationwide become better looking. 

5) walking around at night in the dark is less daunting when there are fairy lights EVERYWHERE. 

6) Festive tube announcements. Particularly at Waterloo and Victoria. 

7) Strutting through London terminal train stations while a live choir serenades you. 

8) People do more good. They give more, love more, do more and most of them smile more.

9) Festive face masks. Lush, I’m looking at you. Just do that stuff all year round. 

10) Serious shop window display game. 

11) Seeing friends. Christmas lattes and twinkly lights and so on are amazing, but not as amazing as making time to see your special people who you don’t see enough of. 

12) Work Christmas parties. Because there’s nothing like seeing your colleagues in a whole different light after seven or eight gins and having a Monday morning debrief with your office chums. 

13) Pictures of animals in Santa costumes. 

14) The satisfaction of doing a bloody epic job at wrapping something up.

15) Using Christmas as an excuse for doubling your social life and nights out and minusing your bank balance. All in the name of fun. 

16) Will Ferrel getting hit by that taxi in Elf, not because I have problem with him or that wonderful him, just because lol. 

17) Envy-inducing photos of New York looking like a festive explosion of all things joyful on Instagram.

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