The health overhaul- 7 weeks on 

For reasons mostly related to a chronic illness, bad joints, poor sleep and anxiety over the state of my health I took the plunge into a new lifestyle about 7 weeks ago. 

The biggest part of that was completely changing my diet, which by the way wasn’t that bad before. I just had no real idea what food was for. I had help in the form of a body coach plan, which has more importantly than anything, taught me how to feed my body properly. Gone are the days of thinking a fruit yogurt and some granola with a handful of berries was a good start to the day. Gone are the days of going to the gym and feeling like I’d earned a treat. And gone is 75% of the sugar I was consuming before. I was an addict, and now I’m a recovering one. Sort of. 

I haven’t bought a chocolate bar or packet or normal crisps in 7 weeks. I haven’t binged on biscuits or dipped my hand into the work treat box once. I’ve given up over half of the caffeine I drank, half of the tea, all of the fruit juice and all of the fuzzy sweets. I’ve learnt how to exercise efficiently, I’ve lost weight and changed my body shape and all the while I’ve been eating more. So much more.

I’m amazed at what having some knowledge on nutrition and fats and carbs can really do for you. I’m amazed at how much better I felt almost a day after not eating refined sugar. I’m just amazed full stop. I’m also amazed at how hard it still is. You don’t just become a health guru and start bleeding green super juice. Who knew?

Moving house over the past couple of weeks has meant more eating out and I have had some major indulgences but you gotta live. I still drink alcohol on weekends and still get drunk and sleep with my clothes on. But a lot has changed and my body has changed with it. 

The strangest part might be that I want the weight back. I always thought I wanted to be thinner but at almost a stone down I feel just as annoyed at my body as before. I look way more like a person that exercises than ever before but also don’t like my clothes not fitting. I don’t know where the happy body medium is. Weight loss hasn’t led me to it.


7 weeks in and I feel healthier. I feel like I treat the body that gives me life a lot kinder. My skin is better, my sleep is better, my concentration is better and my fitness is through the roof. If you’re going to make a resolution for 2016 to overhaul your health I urge you to do it the proper way. Educate yourself. You don’t need to pay for a plan but just take time to learn what food does. How it fuels ad when we need certain kinds of feeding. Don’t diet on a whim and assume attending endless spin sessions will just change everything. 

7 weeks has taught me that I haven’t got over sugar, still need to work on willpower, still need to get better at stretching and that I haven’t yet truly overhauled anything. I still feel like I could snap back into my old ways at any time. 

Oh and when you stop shovelling down the sugar your teeth feel like silk even at the end of the day just FYI. 

6 thoughts on “The health overhaul- 7 weeks on 

  1. That’s fantastic, well done! What plan did you use? And how on each did you find the motivation to stick to it! I feel as though I know all the information, what a truly lack is the willpower!
    Miss C


    • I signed up to the Body Coach 90 Day SSS plan. I got it for the education more than anything. Plus having paid for it gave me the initial motivation I needed to really get going! It’s been hard but I’m slowly adjusting to it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I find even when I buy into things I still don’t get very far. I have so many different workout dvd’s/programmes sitting collecting dust it’s unreal!


      • Christmas is going to be a bitch! One of my friends has the logic of ‘It’s december so I can just eat whatever and not give a damn!’ I know she is great with moderation and portion control though. I on the other hand, suck!


  2. This is amazing – the max I’ve ever been able to do of pure cutting out sugar and eating well is three days! Monday to Wednesday haha! I’m slowly learning to look at how my body reacts to food, too – I now know if I eat a share bags of crisps I’m guaranteed to wake up with a face full of spots and if I eat too late at night I will wake up still bloated!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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