Three places to put on your map for 2016

 It’s mid-November now, so travel planning and 2016 wanderlust can officially kick in. In true wanderlust addicted fashion, I’ve got three of my 2016 adventures already planned already. Travel organisation is way more fun than any other kind of organisation.

There’s three places you should definitely consider visiting in 2016 (click place name for more):

Sri Lanka 

Beautiful, hot, different and calm. Well, Colombo isn’t calm, but you don’t go to capital cities for calm. Very different to the backpacking hot spots in Asia as it’s not been drilled into by tourism (yet). Sri Lanka is bright, the people are kind, it’s got a lot of scars from war and natural disasters but that makes the locals so interesting to talk to and the history really meaningful to learn about. It’s easy and cheap to get about and the incredible train journey from Colombo Central to Ella is dubbed the most the most beautiful train journey in the world. The beaches are glorious, the storms are crazy and tuk tuk is the most efficient way to get about when not going long distances. I’ll 100% return to Sri Lanka, i’ve never had holiday blues quite so so strong.


Isle of Skye, Scotland

It feels a bit weird to call it a staycation when it takes almost 16 hours of driving from London to get to, but since it’s the UK I count it. I went here off season, in February, when there was snow on the ground and a lot of eerie fog around all the closed pubs and hotels. You should definitely do the same. Going when it’s quiet, not full of tourists and still has the chance of snow makes it so magical. Scotland is insanely beautiful as it is, but add some snow on the way through Glen Coe, fog and ice at the top of Old Man of Storr and a freezing sunset in Elgol and you have the most breathtaking winter trip. You can also go to the most famous landmarks like Neist Point and not lay eyes on another person, making it seem very other wordly. The drive there, though very long, was like one big gorgeous sightseeing treat. We passed snowy mountains, shimmering lochs and drove through forests and cities. Also, if you drive, split petrol and use air B&B you can do this for super cheap.


Malmo, Sweden 

I went here for a flying visit while in Copenhagen and was completely taken with it. If you’ve seen the show The Bridge, you probably know that’s how you get there from Denmark- a really long, impressive looking bridge, going right over the sea. Malmo is pretty, quirky, full of cool places to eat and cute little clothes boutiques as well as flowers everywhere and a bridge every few feet. I went in the peak of summer and it wasn’t hectic, packed or overwhelming. Quite the opposite. It’s very relaxed, quite small and really rather charming. There’s a beautiful park to lounge in, canal tours to go on, plenty to eat and drink and you can also use the very good transport links to include it in a trip to Copenhagen or another Swedish City. Just be sure to take enough money if you want to eat out a lot, Sweden is pricey, just as people say.


6 thoughts on “Three places to put on your map for 2016

  1. This is giving me the strongest urge to ditch everything and go travelling! I’ve been to Sweden before – but I’ve been wanting to go to Isle of Skye so thanks for the tips 🙂 and Sri Lanka looks ever so beautiful!

    Asmaa || AsmaaWrites


  2. I love The Bridge, that was a great show! We’re planning a Netherlands (and area) trip for next summer, but Scotland/UK is on the list for the year after. So many places, so little time!


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