7 times the internet has been good this week


I’ve been too busy to write anything this week which has meant falling behind on NaNoWriMo and other stuff like hair brushing and sleep. I have though, come across a few quite amazing things on the internet while sitting slumped on the tube or laying in bed putting off actually turning out the light. Prepare to be hungry and get some wanderlust.


The greatest of all Food. Buzzfeed have rounded up the best in London, so I’ll just need a week or two off work to really concentrate on eating them all.

2) ASOS- Christmas made me do it

I never actually buy anything from this edit but I still love it every year. ASOS do a good Christmas party edit and this year there is a LOT of sparkles.

3) Emma Watson

I read this on Time on my way home the other day. It’s just a snippet of Emma Watson saying she hated her hair in the first Harry Potter film and reminding everyone why she’s so amazing.

4) 43 reasons you’ll fall in love with Bali 

This was on The Sunday Chapter, which is one of my absolute favourite websites. She does travel stuff so beautifully and this is no exception.

5) 10 things you should know about the gender pay gap 

Simple, important and well explained. Good old Guardian.

6) Danny Boy Jnr Exposure blog

So I’m biased on this one but my boyfriend started a photography blog and it’s beautiful.

7) 101 Christmas baking recipes 

Er, YES. Christmas is excellent. Baking is excellent.


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