Finally got a hobby

 I’ve been told I need a hobby several times in my life, because I’m bad at doing nothing but often have nothing to do. It’s not much of a problem at the moment as between work and freelance projects, I have virtually no time anyway. Lately though my boyfriend and I have gotten into photography, in quite a big way. We have a lot of plans and ambitions for the next 6 months, and it all started with a camera. It’s actually really exciting, and in the last two months we’ve trawled and explored London more than ever before. I’ve actually learnt street names and can recommend nice places to people without needing Google Maps to sort the logistics out.

He’s the real photographer, and he’s now doing blog photography, so do get in touch if you’re in London and want a free hour long shoot. We did one today in Kensington with Sasha from F For Foxtrot and the outcomes are pretty gorgeous.

It’s also really nice to explore the city you call home without any actual purpose but to wonder and find new things.  And now we spend our time planning and editing and emailing and generating actual work which is exciting. It’s much better than getting annoyed over not having anything to do together that we both actually like. Oh and no the hobby is NOT having MY photo taken, it’s the actual photography. I’ve got about as much grace in front of a camera as a camel. These are just shameless plugs and portfolio building.

You should also check out this >>

 If you need a good photoshoot location and you can get to South Kensington, go to Onslow Square. It’s a two minute walk from the station and is where I’ll live when I l find a few million quid on the floor. Which should be any day now. Ahem.


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