Hormones are hard, aren’t they?


I’m just laying in bed in my pink fleece leggings with my bra on my feet after I threw it there about half hour ago. I think one of the hooks is stuck in my sock, so that’s exciting. I’m also on my 13th Australia’s Got Talent audition video on YouTube because I got one as a recommended video, clicked on it and things have spiralled out of control.

While I’m doing this, I have a bag of wet washing next to the bed that wants to be hung up and another bag with shampoo and my ‘luxury’ tampons in that I need to take the bathroom. Problem is though, I can’t be bothered to move. I’m seriously considering never moving again. Maybe in 20 years they’ll come remove me with a crane like in those TV documentaries. (unlikely, my landlord will totally evict me with force if I stop earning money to line his pockets. Oh life.)

I ate way too much at dinner washed down by about a litre of squash because I’m worried my skin is getting bad because I’m not drinking enough. The struggle is quite real.

Sorry if you get massive ‘too much info thanks love’ alarm bells ringing, but I’m due on my period. I’m bloated, tired, have a headache and feel like all I can muster up is to lay a bit more, watch some more Australian’s sing and maybe put my phone on charge so I can WhatsApp my friend a bit more and talk about the flu jab and face powder she’s left at my house. All the important things. I have actually thrown my phone out of my reach though because my emails wouldn’t load and then I couldn’t find the santa emoji. I can only deal with so much after a long day.

Don’t mind me I’m just over here, in my bed, being a girl, having some hormones.

I spent quite a long time on the tube home wondering if I look worse than everyone else in my carriage because I don’t brush my hair enough or because I’ve never learnt how to apply make up properly. I mean, is it okay for a 25 year old to not be able to do an eyeliner flick? Should I be worried? Should I just never dwell on it again and keep having crap makeup and do more freelance work instead because that’s actually important isn’t it? OR should I move to Sri Lanka?

Oh and now there’s a puppy on the tv in some advert about animal cruelty so I’ll just get a bit weepy about that. I’m now actually sitting up because I need to get some water because the squash hasn’t hydrated me enough and WHAT IF I GET CYSTITIS AGAIN. Oh God, I feel really emotional. Cystitis makes me sad. Really sad. I don’t even have it right now and I feel sad.

Hormones are hard aren’t they?

8 thoughts on “Hormones are hard, aren’t they?

  1. Yeah, right there with you. Fireworks last night made me cry because they’re romantic, the John Lewis ad made me cry extra hard. I just ate half a packet of custard creams and some chocolate digestives (I’ve already had beans on toast and breakfast.) I could happily eat more food and cry! x


  2. This was me today. I cried in the car on my way to a meeting because of a sad feature on the radio and then I had to meet real life professional people with a blotchy face. LIFE. So happy that I had my luxury tampons to cheer me up though!


  3. I loved this post so much! It was so honest and really made it clear exactly what happens in our heads on those wonderful days! Sometimes writing it down makes it sound even more ridiculous but it’s important to let everyone know that they’re not alone – keep being great! Thanks!

    K x


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