18 things to do with your days off in London this autumn/winter


1) Buy a London Walks book. It’s just an opportunity to stop off for many hot drinks and hot food every hour. On the hour.

2) Go see Slava’s Snow Show. It’s incredible.

3) Go to The Cheshire Cheese, one of the oldest, coolest, cosiest pubs in London where a round is still relatively cheap. Definitely try apricot beer.

4) Go look at street art around Brick Lane and the get a bargain curry for lunch.

5) Have lunch at Spitalfields Market and sample the many hot chocolates(it’s kinda indoors, so you won’t freeze)

6) Go Ice Skating at The Ally Pally.

7) Wrap up and watch fireworks while sitting on Primrose Hill from Bonfire night onwards.

8) Go to Melt in Notting Hill for the best chocolately hot drinks imaginable.

9) Visit the Geffrye Museum, which exhibits about how Christmas was celebrated in the past. Shoreditch, obvs.

10) The Soutbank Centre Winter Festival. They have a CHRISTMAS TREE SHAPED cafe. Not a drill.

11) Taste of Winter at Tobacco Dock. Firstly, this part of London is pretty cool if you’ve never explored it, secondly- FOOD AND WINE.

12) Borough Market. Good all year round, but extra good if it’s raining/freezing/deathly windy.

13) Go Very South and go to Morden Hall Park. It’s the photo at the top of the post and it’s beautiful, especially in autumn/winter.

14) Do the Jack The Ripper tour, you can warm up from the walking in ALL of the pubs the East End has to offer.

15) Have breakfast for dinner at the Breakfast Club in London Bridge, then take shelter from the cold in Hays Galleria.

16) The Hot Tub Cinema.

17) The London Blitz Party. Keep your eyes peeled for the next event on their website. Perfect excuse to wear big, glamorous fur and drink champagne.

18) Go to Kew Gardens. It gets lit up at night so even when it’s dark early it doesn’t matter. Also a really good place for quirky, crafty christmas presents.

4 thoughts on “18 things to do with your days off in London this autumn/winter

    • WHAAATT!! That’s sensational. I’m definitely going this year. I really like Tobacco Dock and I’ve heard such good things about this event. I’ve never had a SS burger. Feel so out of the loop.


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