Amazing moisturiser which wants to keep you cancer aware- say hello to Sniffy Wiffy

IMG_6614 I’m a massive sucker for pretty packaging, especially when it comes to beauty products. But how about packaging that looks good and looks out for you?

That’s what Sniffy Wiffy does and I love it. The packaging of these products have illustrated instructions on how to check for signs of cancer. Not only is it an amazing trigger to help us remember to check, the profits go to worthy cancer charities- Cancer Research UK and Ball Boys. I LOVE this so much. This is a cause that’s very close to my heart, so everyone I know can expect these in their Christmas gifts this year. It’s inspirational and the products are pretty lush too.

The body butter for girls comes with the option of labelling with instructions on how to check breasts for signs of breast cancer. This should be high on our ‘body admin’ to do list but it’s an easy task to forget when you’re busy, which is why I think this is genius. The simplest visual trigger to help us ladies remember something SO important.



And it’s not just for girls! There are men’s moisturisers Available with labelling that instructs on how to check for testicular cancer.

The incentive alone was enough for me as breast cancer is most treatable when caught early, which is why we MUST check ourselves, but the products themselves will keep you re-purchasing. The coconut body butter is rich, absorbs nicely, isn’t sticky and smells divine. The products are available in loads of fragrances including chocolate, coconut, Guinness, blueberry, cherry, citrus and gingerbread, just to name a few.

You can also nab hand cream which smells just as good, lasts through hand washing and comes in the ideal handbag sized tin.

The product list includes body scrub and bath oil and pretty soon the brand will expand to cover children’s products with meningitis symptoms for parents. Just a helpful reminder and something you can use if you ever felt the need to check the symptoms of a little one.

I love this brand. I love what they stand for and I love how much engagement I’ve been able to have just from sending an email. I wasn’t sent these to review so this isn’t biased in any way, I just hugely support what they’re doing.

To give to a good cause the next time you need some moisturising goodness, head over to sniffy Wiffy and you can get 10% off by typing LAUREN in the discount code checkout section.

These came packaged beautifully so they’d make a good gift for someone else too.



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