9 things I want to tick off by the end of 2015

1) Oil Pulling

I’ve read a lot of good about this, especially for whitening teeth, and as I’m currently off the sugar (yes, really, no more Biscoff with a spoon), I think now is a good time to see what it’s like. I don’t like coconut though, so that’ll be fun for me. I’m going to start this TODAY, so hopefully I’ll be blinding people with my pearly whites in no time at all.

2) Running a sub-30 5k

Doesn’t sound like that much of a challenge, but I’ve got the joints of a frail old lady. I also think I look a lot like a dying fish when I run, so that’ll be a treat for all those in the Fulham area.

3) Complete NaNoWriMo

This is part of National Novel Writing Month, which is November and encourages people to write 50,000 word in a month. Yes FIFTY THOUSAND. I’m really excited to try this, though given that I feel like I don’t have time to breathe enough during the day lately, it’s going to be quite the challenge. I have an idea and some random notes scrawled in my elephant notebook, although I realised I can’t read some because of my ‘on the tube’ handwriting. Also it’s like writing 5 dissertations. In a month. Lolz.

4) Try and develop a ‘capsule wardrobe’

Unlikely, as I have so many clothes my last wardrobe broke from sheer volume, but I really want to try this. I would love to be able to spend a few minutes choosing clothes and look acceptable, rather than chucking half of outfits across my bedroom in blind fury and looking like a rainbow explosion in the mornings. Winter seems like a good time to get stuck in. Black jeans are life.

5) Start learning to knit

Yeah, I am actually 72 years old. Surprise.

6) Self-host this website

I am scared to do this. Scared I don’t have enough time and scared something horrifying will happen, but I NEED to do it.

7) Learn how to apply eyeshadow properly

When I put it on now, I look like someone who has done their make-up after kicking back 8 or 9 gins. It’s a strong look, but I’d rather look like a normal, functioning 25 year old woman.

8) write a proper travel bucket list

I tend to go to most places on whim but I want to formulate a real list so I can have the satisfaction of ticking places things off. 

9) Succesfully do a week of Headspace. 

I need some calm in my life. 

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