Exploring London and dressing cosy: Autumn in the city


My boyfriend bought this book recently called London’s Hidden Walks, and it was made for Autumn. We’ve been on two so far. One for me to have a not so successful DSLR photography lesson, and one with friends. On Saturday we did a Docklands walk, somewhere I’ve never really explored, and it’s SO pretty around there. Even more so with loads of lovely autumn colours and fallen leaves.

While Autumn is delightful and everyone’s losing their shit over pumpkin spiced lattes, it’s gone and got a bit nippy (that thing that seasons do). Walking round the Docklands was chilly business, as are early morning walks to work (with a blistering hot tropical bit in the middle on the tube) so it’s officially time to bring out the big, cosy staples.

I’ve recently started a new love affair with Uniqlo and when I got an email showcasing their new legging trousers I was in there within a week adopting some into my life. I’ve never been too much of a legging/jegging person because of all the clinging and lack of room to eat loads and get bloated, but these are my new staple. I wear them everywhere. To work, to bars, on long London walks, around the house. They’re a delight and if you need some cosy but not too casual threads to cover your legs, I couldn’t recommend more. They’re also a very good price at £14.90. Very good indeed.

IMG_0732  autumn3

On the subject of leggings, American Apparel do some top notch black ones (arguably the best, if you’ve ever owned a pair) perfect for the autumn/winter but they come with a fairly hefty price tag. You can snap them up on eBay though like my lovely friend Kay did below (I had massive leg envy when I saw hers) and they’re quite frequently sold on there, so get searching.


Wearing dark colours only when it’s colder is too depressing and I have about four really brightly coloured bags along the lines of this one on my shopping list (check out New Look and Zara, they have some beauties):


If you find yourself in or near London with a spare afternoon, you should go to the Docklands. You don’t need the book necessarily, just get off the tube at Tower Hill, follow signs for St Katherine’s Dock and keep wandering. We also did a lot of ‘omg imaging living here’ at all the amazing flats and riverside apartments. There’s loads of history around these parts too, if you’re into that.


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