36 things that went down in High school in the early noughties

This week (mostly thanks to Apple Music) has given me all the early noughties nostalgia. High school circa 2001-6 anyone?I’m pretty sure these things can’t only have happened in South London.

1) Signing in and out of post-school MSN sessions to make a point.

2) A cult belief Jane Norman and Playboy were the height of mature style and using non-uniform days to prove it.

3) “Will you be online after school?”

4) Putting up with awful hairbands that had cubes and other plastic bits attached to them but remembering that beauty is pain.

5) Fake Burberry scarves in winter. In EVERY colour.

6) Carrying your school stuff around in a big handbag because anything else was unacceptable.

7) Getting genuinely excited about buying curly chips at lunch from the canteen because this was a time before calories mattered.

9) hair heavily straightened, eyebrows razor thin, skin dark beige= the ultimate beauty goal.

10) Getting stressed over not having the right, garishly bright Jane Norman or Pilot carrier bag to carry your PE kit in.

11) Carrying around a spray bottle with water in to keep your hair EXTRA sleek and sexy, because water is a great hair product. Well done everyone.

12) Buying a sour sweet spray from the local shop, storing it in your pencil case and then sneaking a squirt during lessons.

13) Meeting your friends in the playground at the exact same place everyday at break and lunchtime to maximise efficiency and ensure no man is ever left behind. We didn’t have WhatsApp group chat after all.

14) The massive hype whenever anyone had crutches.

15) Getting really excited about MSN updates, like being able to display what you’re listening to by linking up with Windows Media Player. The height of technology.

16) Selecting music to listen to based solely on how cool it would make you look on MSN.

17) Rushing home to log on to MSN and watch those screen names pop up one by one. Such a thrill.

18) Having important MSN group discussions at lunchtime about how some people are ‘never on any more.’ Basically, all MSN, all the time.

19) Spending every period of Friday and all breaks arranging the Friday night meet up. Quarter bottles of vodka, Fanta mixer, hoop earrings, freshly straightened hair and several layers of Rimmel foundation that was on offer in Superdrug in last weekend.

20) Struggling to get ‘I’m not always there when you call, but I’m always on time, I gave you my all, baby be mine’, out of your head for more than an hour.

21) Taking your parents to JD Sports and instructing them to buy you the EXACT trainers that everyone else was wearing during PE.

22) Black coats with big hoods and mandatory grey fur trim.

23) Important meetings to discuss Footballer’s Wives.

24) Topping up your phone with a receipt printed from a shop at weekends.

25) Getting regular envy over other people’s Nokia 3310 cases that they flashed between lessons.

26) Feeling shocked to hear that anyone had a laptop, rather than sitting at their massive, square desktop all night updating their screen name and cruising on Bebo,

27) The feeling of ultimate success at finding just the right colour vest top to wear with your velour tracksuit on non-uniform days.

28) Being able to buy a whole outfit from Primark for £6 including short, pleated skirt and belted jumper and feeling ready to be on the cover of Vogue.

29) Getting home and watching The Box to keep up to date on all current music and for your daily hit of Nelly.

30) Going to the hairdresser and asking for stripey, blonde highlights and then turning up to school like you’re J LO.

31) Getting really envious when anyone rocked up with tiny braids and tiny colourful plastic hairbands after a jaunt in spain.

32) Writing people’s birthdays in your homework diary because Facebook wasn’t there to remind you.

34) Always having a small pot of Vaseline handy to rub on your lips and to look like a beauty guru between lessons.

35) Wearing long necklaces underneath school uniform (the more gold, the better) and flinging them out AS SOON as you get out of the school gate. Chic.

36) Fancying boys based on how well they’re hair spiked up and how much Joop they wore.

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