Home inspiration from a year of travel: Hotels, apartments and houses

My camera roll is my best friend right now. I’ve been really lucky to have stayed in some beautiful places while travelling in the last year. From Air B&B gems to amazing apartments, it’s all been rather pretty. I’ve saved a few of my favourites on my phone for inspiration for eventually moving in the next year and these are my favourites. Shocker: White things make me happy. As do amazing armchairs because who doesn’t love sitting?

Isle Of Skye, Scotland  

I stayed here in February with five friends and it was pretty much a Pinterest dream. There were blue wooden floors, white walls, long flowing white curtains and an open fireplace, not to mention a garden that led straight to the sea and a casual brook running through the back straight into the bay. This place was my dream house. I loved everything about it. It also massively helped that it was in such a beautiful place. Scotland is immense. This was also an utter bargain from Air BnB.

Colombo, Sri Lanka 

This girls trip was one of my favourite two weeks ever. Sri Lanka is beautiful and you should all go there at some point. I blogged all about it if you’re interested in tips. This apartment was a last minute decision, we booked it on someone’s phone at the beach, and rocked up to amazing views, amazing decor and the cleanest, most idyllic little sea view bedroom. The colour of that chair is the colour all things should be.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Another ridiculously cheap Air BnB deal, this place in Copenhagen was colourful, modern and full of so much quirky character. I love the bookshelves and the bright prints and OBVIOUSLY the white wall. I fear my future home might look a bit like a dentist waiting room with all the white, and when I say fear I mean I hope and dream.

Killaloe, Ireland

Okay, not an interior, BUT LOOK AT THOSE WINDOW BOXES. And the peachy doors. This was the cutest, quietest street in the tiny village of Killaloe, in County Clare. Ireland has all of the colourful houses any blogger could ever hope for.

Galway, Ireland 

This little cottage was the ultimate shabby chic girls house. It’s been featured in interior magazines and I can see why. I’m not into the twee look massively but the bedroom was lush. Dark wood and white pops and the warmest duvet I’ve ever slept under. (Seriously, it gets COLD in rural Ireland.) Love the white chair and table and LOVE this bed. 


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