The best hairspray maybe ever

I’m a massive sucker for beauty products and me and my Boots card have quite the relationship these days. While I can easily spend hours looking at make up and skincare and nail varnishes, I’ve never massively been into hair. My hair for the most part is straight, pretty limp and usually in a bun. The bun is my best mate, I owe it a lot. Because of my preferred lazy girl option of just throwing it up and getting away with it, I’ve never much got into looking after my hair and trying new products.

When I do though, and I dare to attempt a kind of mermaid, wavy, ‘I woke up like this’ sort of arrangement, hairspray just ruins my life. I have bought and chucked away so. Many. Haisprays. Some make your hair too sticky, some just don’t work, some make your hair into an unfriendly dreadlock. I’ve spent a little and a lot and I’ve never found one I would be bothered about buying again until now. Thank you hairspray Gods. Thank you Urban Fudge.

I did admittedly buy this because the can is pretty and it says it smells like vanilla and raspberry. I’m an easy sell like that. But actually, I love this A LOT. I have finally found something I can spray my little head with and be satisfied it’ll what I want it-which is keep my style in without making my hair a gigantic, stiff horror tangle. GSHT, for future ref.

If you’re in the market for hairspray with bloody good hold, delicious smell (it reminds me a bit of Starbucks fruit drinks) and that you can brush out without nearly losing your arm, try it out. I never though I would be excited about hairspray but there we go. Life surprises us all. It’s £4.99 in Boots, so also it’s a bargain. Happy days.

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