20 little things that make having to be an adult not so bad


1)Having crumpets for dinner and never being sorry about it.

2) Having a glass of wine just because.

3) Knowing you have friends who you can still rely on even without a daily WhatsApp marathon.

4) Setting your own goals for life, or even just the day and then ticking them off like ‘I RULE THE WORLD.’

5) Getting a bit drunk while cooking dinner.

6) Eating most of dinner while cooking dinner.

7) Actually having money to look after, because there might not be enough of it, but at least you feel like you’re doing something right.

8) Doing your own food shopping. Garlic bread with three types of cheese? Erm, yes please.

9) Having a legit reason to look through homeware sections for the place you live in or are working on living in.

10) Being able to lay in bed all day on a Sunday and only get up when someone texts inviting you for a roast.

11) Buying cleaning products purely on how good they smell and how fun the colour is. It can’t only be me?

12) Being able to decide on things that make you properly, truly happy (like crumpets for dinner, right?)

13) Feeling really pleased when you get a total bargain food shop.

14) Deciding to go on holidays you can’t entirely afford but doing it because you bloody well want to.

15) Being able to afford alcohol that doesn’t taste like washing up liquid and make you feel like DIY is happening in your skull the next day.

16) Eating healthily and then feeling like you’re going to live forever until your next hangover and emergency Dominos.

17) Going out for breakfast on a Sunday with your friends like you’re in SATC but most likely wearing Primark.

18) Becoming really good at cooking and wondering if you might be a culinary genius at least twice a week. (And then crumpets for dinner again)

19) The satisfaction you get when your fridge looks healthy.

20) Being able to arrange a foreign adventure with your mates over WhatsApp, from bed.

8 thoughts on “20 little things that make having to be an adult not so bad

  1. Being an ‘adult’ is 100% the realisation that crumpets are the best thing ever … ‘garlic bread crumpets’ are my number 1 comfort food at the moment!
    Glad it’s not just me 🙂
    Abel x


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