Looking to book a dreamy trip to Thailand for your next holiday? Here’s what you need to do


It’s never too early to start thinking about your next holiday. Never.

I’ve blogged about Thailand before, but since I’m sitting making plans of exactly what I want to do when I go back (you can’t go only once, it’s not possible) I thought I would blog some more. I had the most amazing time in this incredible country, and while these days it’s one of the top backpacker destinations, you don’t have to go there with too few changes of clothes, a dusty rucksack and a tie-dye vest, although there’s nothing I can remotely say to suggest that isn’t fun either, because it damn well is.

I am a massive lover of bargains, and this includes travel, but sometimes luxury is exactly what you want and need. I would always suggest travelling round a place like Thailand because there’s so much to do and see, but if you also want maximum relaxation and total Thai beach vibes to take over your body, you need to make sure you don’t overdo it. I wouldn’t normally blog about a specific hotel, but actually, I LOVE hotels, so I’m going to start.

If you want to have a holiday with beaches that are so beautiful you’ll probably cry, hustle and bustle if you want it, but total pristine calmness if you want that too, get yourself to Krabi. More specifically, get yourself to Railay. I remember climbing into a longtail boat at about 6pm, just as stuff was getting all dusky and romantic (with my dusty rucksack may I add) and not really even knowing what to expect from Railay. I thought it was a kind of island (technical travel term), as you have to go there by boat, but turns out it’s just cut off from the main town by dense jungle. Standard Asia. Getting the boat in is an absolute dream though, it was like getting a water taxi to heaven. That’s the best way to describe it. Think green, jutting cliffs that are totally postcard Thailand, calm crystal clear water and white coves poking out everywhere.


I remember exchanging ‘OMG we have found paradise shall we dance or cry or sing or just hug’ glances with my boyfriend as we rolled in to Railay Bay. We booked into the most beautiful hotel, Railay Village Resort and Spa, as a treat after staying in hostels, and HELLO DREAM LIFE. Please go here. Please go here and send me photos of you here so I can live through you. While the hotel itself is amazing, it won’t break your bank at all, which is even MORE amazing.

This place gives you pretty much everything you could possibly want from a tropical, luxurious getaway. The rooms are gorgeous, the service is amazing, the beach is incredible and the spa is flipping brilliant. I’ve stayed in two different rooms here, because once wasn’t enough, and they are enormous. So much room for activities. You can also sometimes hear monkeys casually running across the roof, which made me all kinds of excited.

The pool is enormous and every room has its own sun loungers l. It’s surrounded by trees and flowers and it’s all immensely tranquil. Very good if you want to relax to the point you forget your own name.

This place does a mean pad Thai too. And excellent breakfast.

The beach leads onto to this little place called Walking Street, which is a little sandy lane lined with boho bars, street food and if you go far enough and don’t mind walking through some foliage, a few truly amazing restaurants. One of the best curries I have ever had happened here, along with the single best margarita I’ve ever drank. Because boat is the only way to get here, it’s never massively busy, so even if you find yourself on Walking Street, it’s all still completely chilled.

At night they lay out little cushions and candles on the beach so you can have a beer or a cocktail and listen to the waves. Shall we all just go now?


We flew from Bangkok to Krabi after spending time on Koh Samed, and the hotel organised everything, which when you’ve dealt with the stress of ad-hoc Thai logistics, is really very helpful. We were picked up from tiny Krabi airport, driven to an office, put in a golf buggy, then taken to a pier and led onto a longtail. Book this place through Booking.com or their own site linked above, and you pay for one night in advance, the rest upon arrival. You can also email the hotel to arrange all the travel to get you there, and get you back to reality. They are an efficient bunch.

The beach has longtail boats back to the pier if you want to venture to Krabi town or if you have to leave (immense sad times) and also to Ao Nang, which to be honest, is great for trashy shopping and emergency fast food if you feel need it (and good medical centres) but has a bit of an ott tacky tourist vibe to it, so I wasn’t mad keen.

The few hotels in Railay Bay do excursions and you can literally have a go at all sorts, from going to elephant sanctuaries, national parks, snorkelling, rock climbing, island hopping and food classes. But please pick your tourism carefully. Stay away from tiger temples and elephant riding, I did it once and have become much more educated since then and I would never do it again.

I can’t really say more other than, go grab yourself a bikini, a snorkel, and some good books, and get yourself here. If you want an amazing 2016 break (or even end of 2015, you lucky bugger), I cannot recommend this place highly enough. LOVE.

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