A-Line for autumn: the wear with everything skirt


A-Line is everywhere. Which is good, because I love it. I was meant to buy new shoes the other day to replace a pair that literally disintegrated in the rain last week but what happened was, I bought zero shoes and two A-line skirts instead (plus two tops and some trousers) and I am very happy about it. The skirt in these photos is my favourite of all my skirts at the moment. It’s stretchy, comfy, black and it was only £19.99, which seeing as you can wear it with basically everything, seems like quite bargain. Cheers New Look.

I’m trying my hand at the whole capsule thing at the moment, and getting rid of clothes in preparation to move, and this is going to be at the heart of it. I can also wear it to work, which is always a massive tick for any clothing I buy. I know I can wear this with basically every shirt and jumper I own or even a crop top for times I’m not being an old lady and actually going out. I imagine it’ll look nice with gin splashed down it.

Also massive yay it’s scarf time of the year again. I bloody LOVE scarves. I found the one above in an amazing flea market in Rome a couple years ago.

I spent my Sunday morning exploring Brompton cemetery, which sounds morbid but it’s actually really quite beautiful and on loads of lists of places you should go in London. It’s also the perfect place to go to and then wonder through Chelsea looking at houses you’ll buy when you find a million pounds on the floor or finally become a world famous singer/actor/dancer/chef. We can all dream. So yeah. Cemetery photos happened and in one I look like a moody child, but I was actually looking at an old couple who were looking at a man who was sunbathing. In a cemetery. With very few clothes on. It was quite the morning.

Oh and if you’re looking for a leather jacket that’ll actually keep you warm this winter, the TopShop in these photos is the one you need. It is SO thick and cosy and has detachable fur, which when you leave on the floor does look like a mystery cat and will make you jump out of your skin.




Skirt: Newlook

Jacket: Topshop  

Top: H&M

Scarf: Amazing Italian flea market buy

Boots: Forever 21





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