14 important things you can do in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea

We’re busy aren’t we, us humans. If you’re in the working game you probably struggle to find time to do other things that take longer than a few minutes during the day. I’m currently in the ‘I think I just blinked and five hours passed’ game, so time is really of the essence. I wish I could be like a sim and have someone command me to do the things I really need to. But I’m not so keen on being trapped Reading this won’t take long. Doing any of these things won’t take long. Lots of amazing things don’t take long. Like eating a piece of banana bread for example, which is absolutely what I am doing now and is absolutely important. Also I hope no one is a freak and drinks there cuppa in under 30 seconds because that ruins this whole idea.

1) Book a smear test

2) Drink some water

3) Read a current, big news story

4) Shut your eyes for a few moments (maybe not in front of your boss)

5) Breast check yourself (Again, not great at work)

6) Go for a quick, phone-less, computer-less walk

7) Eat a piece of fruit

8) Do some breathing exercises (turns out these are VERY good for those you drowning in stress)

9) Be nice to someone, it’s free

10) Moisturise your hands

11) Make someone else a cup of tea. Someone always needs tea.

12) Look up sunsets on Instagram. It’s soothing.

13) Stretch your back out. If you’re a slave to your desk you most likely need it.

14) Mentally think about all the clothes you can give to charity shops. (And all the room you’ll make for new ones)

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