A blueberry face mask for oily, problematic skin. All natural and all Lush. 

Whenever I find anything good for problematic skin I tend to whack it on here in the hope it’ll help others. I wish I had blogs to help guide the way when I was a teen with ALL of the skin woes. But we’re all here now so it’s fine.

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll likely know I have skin with 99 more problems than Jay-Z.

In all fairness, stuff with my sulky, dull complexion have resolved in the last year or so. I get a lot less spots and I don’t look a like an overused, damp white flannel as much as I used to which is delightful. What I do have problems with lately though is oil.

I just have so much of it chilling out on my face every single day. I put make up on in the morning and by lunchtime it’s most likely all on my chin because my face is like a giant slip-n-slide.

I’ve tried a few things to try and stop it and found a few good face washes but there are still times when it’s out of control.

I went into Lush this week (a scary, unknown land to me as I am so not down with the beauty Lush obsessed blogging world) and asked for a facemask that might sort out my oily issues.

I’m always scared to use new products because I don’t want to trigger an outbreak of unsightly red friends all over my face. I tend to read a lot of reviews and check ingredients before I swap money for a product. I had a chat with a really nice girl in Lush who explained every fresh face mask they have in detail and I went for the Catastrophe Cosmetic after smelling them all and making lots of ‘mmm’ sounds, as I assume all people do in there? 


 It was, I won’t lie, a bit like putting cold blueberry porridge on my face and I looked a lot like I was doing Halloween prep. It actually felt really nice to have a cold mask out of the fridge and it didn’t sting, burn, itch, tingle or make me sneeze, all of which have happened in my sad, failed face mask attempts of the past.

I left it on for just over 5 minutes, by which time it was cracking and dropping into my lap, so I reckon we were both ready. It takes some effort to get off, but immediately my skin felt smooth and weirdly tight, but in a good way. I wasn’t lumpy or allergic, just a bit red, which alarmed me but it went away I was soon as pale as the moon again.

I’ve used it twice, and I can safely say it is good for what it’s marketed at- oily, break-out prone faces. The first time around I had a few red tiny spots around my nose that were noticeably calmer and better looking by morning.

If you do have skin that plays up and is an attention seeking little blighter, I definitely recommend this. It’s very fresh and natural and unlikely to cause you problems. My face is sensitive in quite a big way and I was convinced the minute I put it on that I would regret it, but I’m sold.

Good for oil, food for redness, good at calming. Just remember to put it back in the fridge and use it within weeks like the responsible adult you are.

Also buy if you want to look as smoking hot as this round the house of an evening:

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