Current favourite Instagram accounts. Go follow and give your eyes a treat.


When I first got Instagram I thought I would probably use it for a month then forget my password and never use it again. I didn’t really understand the appeal and I’ve never fully jumped on board the selfie train, so it all felt a bit lost on me. I did go through a lull of only using it to look at other people’s posts, but in the last six months, thanks to a new interest in photography and having a blog, it’s easily become my favourite social media platform.

I’m obsessed with travel photos and sunsets and breakfast, so I’ve filled my timeline with lots of accounts that post endless pictures of beautiful beaches and places that immediately prompt you to check skyscanner and ones that make you starving hungry. It’s also a become a big part of blogging, which encourages me to try and use it everyday. I have accounts I go to daily now, just like Twitter, to check if there’s any new posts, and these are some of my favourites at the moment that you should definitely go follow immediately to improve your life and treat your eyes.

  1. positivelyflo

I LOVE Flo’s photos. They’re so colourful and dainty and depict the kind of nice, healthy, balanced lifestyle I’d like to lead more of. She also has seriously strong food game if you’re into homemade treats. Her blog is pretty lovely too.

2. dannyboyjnr

Kind of is my boyfriend, so kind of am biased but if you like London, impressive buildings, quirky travel photos and generally amazing photography, check his account. The Shard never looked so good.


3. thegirlonthemoveblog

So much love for this account. Victoria’s travel photos give me all of the wanderlust and they’re always so bright and cheerful. There’s also occasionally amazing food to feast your eyes on too, so that’s an added bonus.

4. sophiecliff

I don’t know Sophie personally but she’s kinda like an internet blogging friend and she likes everything I like, so I obviously love her Instagram. She’s always doing fun stuff, always has nice clothes and always has perfect eyeliner.

5. SymmetryBreakfast

breakfast is the best meal of the day and if you disagree you’re wrong. Strong statement I know, but how can you not love breakfast food? I found this account through the Instagram features series and I absolutely love it. Symmetrical breakfast everyday from London town and they even do it on the road. It’s basically everything I aspire to in terms of food. And kitchenware.

6. ralfafara

Becca is a park ranger in the US (seriously cool) and her Insta feed shows just how amazing her job is. So many amazing photos of mountains and lakes and bears and snow and sunshine. If you’re into scenery, this is definitely for you.

7. thesundaychapter

Angela takes the most beautiful, glossy, girly photos for her blog and her Instagram is exactly the same. Every photo looks professionally done and like it’s been lifted off of a magazine spread. All of the grid goals. All of them.


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