Favourite recent buys

After going 2 months without much  disposable income due to changing jobs, I got paid at the end of August and erm, bought some things. You know how it is. Payday lands and you jump in your limo and go direct to Oxford Street? No me either. But anyway. PRETTY, NICE NEW THINGS. There are a lot more than four, this is just what I have access to right now. I have been maybe the busiest I have ever been for the last few months, so I have been blogging on trains, from planes, in hotel rooms and mostly on my phone. I mean, just look at the amazing retro hotel carpet you’re being treated to in the above photo. I was going to wait until I was home to do this post but that would be Thursday at the earliest and quite frankly, life is not always rainbows, butterflies and pristine marble surfaces. Mine’s currently more travel hairdryer, damp fringe and tights with holes. The glamour never ends.

Bourjois 1 Seconde  Mascara

This mascara is a re-purchase as I got yo try it at the start of summer when it launched and loved it. It’s such a good, beauty buy  at a good price and I never usually feel happy with mascaras, so yeah. It does length and thickens equally well so you don’t need two products and you certainly don’t need much of it. I highly recommend keeping one handy or trying it if you fancy a change. It’s also okay for giving a quick boost to lower lashes without making them look gloopy and like dead spiders. It’s not Halloween yet, lets save that look for October.

New Look tea dress

I saw this as I was walking into Brighton New Look to buy tights, did a loop of the shop and just swooped back on it. The colour is dark yellow enough to be good for autumn and it’s just quite cheery. It’s also very flattering for hips and I have plenty of those. Good for layering too, so everyone give it a clap.

Forever 21 ankle boots 

I got these in brown but I wanted them in dark red originally. Tragically my size keeps being sold out but these are winners regardless of colour. They’re cheap at only £19.99, comfortable, perfect with tights and look so nice with skinny jeans. I wore them in Ireland and tried them out on a cliff edge for fun, as you do. Both shoes and i survived.

Rimmel Match Perfection brush concealer 

I don’t use concealer that much unless I get a delightful, bright red babe of a zit come for a visit on my face. When I do though, it’s usually a MAC one as I’ve never found better, but I picked this up before I went away as I had a hormonal spot attack on my chin that was really sexy and about half hour spare to buy things. I love it. The brush applicator is so good and it’s also amazing for under your eyes which many concealers aren’t. It’s easy to blend in and I’ve started usIng it everyday to reduce redness. Massive love for this stuff. If you suffer with a slightly blotchy complexion like me I really recommend it. It sits nicely under the widely used Rimmel Stay Matte powder too.

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