A sad reminder that life is now and we need to live it 


Today’s post was going to be about new clothes and shoes but then something much more important came up. This seems to happen more and more as I get older but this was particularly unexpected and thought provoking in a very shocking and sad way. The emotions that make you feel the saddest in turn seem to make you think the most. 

When someone your own age dies I feel like you can’t help but reflect on your own life. Thankfully I haven’t had much experience of this, but this weekend I did and reflecting on it made me think for the millionth time how precious time itself is. We truly don’t know how much we have, so making it counts is important every single day. It’s a quote we hear so often -make everyday count, but you simply cannot deny how true it is. 

If tomorrow was your last day would you feel like you’d done enough? Probably not, because whether you’re in your mid-twenties like me, or younger or older, you generally imagine you have years stretching ahead of you. But then suddenly you find out that someone who should have this extra time to tick things off and get stuff done and explore, learn and love more, didn’t get it. 

You really can’t do enough in life, it’s just not possible. We can’t have amazing experiences and grand adventures everyday, not even every month. We have lives to live and money to make and bills to pay. But we really do have to take time and turn it into something worthwhile. 

We don’t get to hit a button to restart a day and we haven’t got to the bottom of time travel. We just have to do what we can and worry less about the the things that ultimately don’t add anything to the experience of living.

If at the very least, I like to think the loss of a vibrant, funny and beautiful young woman can provide a stark reminder to the rest of us to live. 

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