19 reasons the end of summer is alright really 


This weekend in sunny Brighton (well Saturday was sunny, Sunday was back to mandatory grey), felt like the last burst of summer. I know there’s rumours of a warm October, but forgive me for not buying into British weather predictions. I’m not all that sad to wave bye to summer tbh when there’s plenty of good stuff heading our way. 

1) The imminent arrival of Starbucks Christmas drinks. 

2) Scarves.

3) pretty autumn trees.

4) Hot alcohol. All of the mulled goodness all of the time.

5) Nights out involving fireworks. 

6) Primark winter pyjamas sets. 

7) Being able to wear some your immense fluffy sock collection without feeling like fire. 

8) Getting back into porridge. 

9) Boots. Ankle, over the knee, ski. All kinds of boot. 

10) Coat shopping. 

11) Dressing gowns over clothes. 

12) Planning for next Summer. 

13) covering up bad hair with wooly hats. 

14) Halloween cupcakes. 

15) Dark moody make up and nails. 

16) Eating because it’s cold. 

17) Making hot drinks just to hold. 

18) Soup season. 

19) Layering. 

It’s not so bad after all. 

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